The Importance of Climate Controlled Storage Units

When making the decision to store some belongings in unit, you might come across a few worries. You might be thinking, “Will any of my things get damaged? How can I make sure that my stuff stays in good condition?” These are definitely reasonable uncertainties to have on your mind before putting your items in storage. However, if you rent a climate controlled storage unit, this stress won’t be a problem anymore!

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage Blog! We’re going to dive into some of the wear and tear that might happen if your belongings are improperly stored. Today, we will focus on the importance of climate controlled storage units and some possible damages that could occur without it.

What Can Climate Controlled Storage Units Prevent?


Since we are on the verge of the winter and spring seasons, rainstorms are more frequently occurring than other months of the year. Although you are keeping your items inside, some damage might still take place if they aren’t kept in a climate controlled space.

Mold is one of the most common effects from too much moisture in the air. This fungus is an organism that is similar to a plant and has the purpose of removing dead cells. We’ve all seen mold before in places like on bad food in the refrigerator or on plants when it’s moist outside. Mold shows up in a variety of colors including white, orange, green, black, and brown.

Oftentimes mold isn’t extremely harmful to humans, but might cause some allergies when around a large amount of it. However, when it comes to your belongings, mold can digest and deteriorate whatever the molecules start growing on. As long as there is nutrients and water, mold is bound to appear. Mold can grow on furniture, in plastic bags and coverings, on wood, and pretty much anything that can hold moisture. When storing your belongings, be sure to take precautions and stay aware in order to prevent this from happening. Look for a storage unit that can control the temperature!


Have you ever found an old penny or a nail on the ground that is all worn down and discolored? Well, the reason it looks like this is from a chemical reaction that creates rust. Rust is semi-permanent damage that happens when there is humidity around metal objects. This damage is usually a reddish-brown or yellowish colored coating that develops from a process called oxidizing. When iron (or a similar metal like steel) meets oxygen and water, this reaction occurs that causing discoloration and corrosion. This can not only affect the appearance of your belongings but the purpose of them as well.

While storing your things, you want to try to prevent anything from ruining them. Rust can form on things like kitchen appliances, electronics and more. These items are important to keep in good condition to maintain their function and clean appearance. Kitchen appliances and utensils are used for food that you consume, so rust on any of these items would potentially be hazardous if ingested. Coin collections will lose their value if they have damage. Musical instruments and electronics could stop working if the internal pieces become rusted.

Heat Damage

In the spring and summer months (which will be approaching soon enough), warm weather is a factor that can cause problems for your possessions. If you keep old photos in an album or stacked in boxes, they might end up fading or getting stuck together if the unit gets too hot. In order to keep your precious memories stored away safely, make sure your pictures are not facing one another. Put them back to back to keep the glossy sides from sticking together and getting ruined.

Just as heat damage occurs in cars, the same thing can happen in storage units. You might notice the dashboard of an older car begins to curl up after years of being in the sun and heat. Comic book collections, paperwork, old baseball cards, etc. all might face this similar problem if you store them somewhere that isn’t prepared for weather changes. Since you are now more aware of this, you can stash your belongings away in a climate controlled unit to prevent this from taking place.

In conclusion, it is important to know about what can happen to your belongings if not properly stored away. The best way to ensure your items remain in tip-top condition is with a climate controlled storage unit. If you are interested in making more room in your house and renting a self storage unit, please feel free to contact us!