Random Storage Tips When Using Self-Storage

Self-storage has become all the rage today as a growing number of homeowners and businesses take advantage of this important and essential service. That said here are a few random storage tips that every person should consider when planning to rent a self-storage unit. For example, never place heavy items or items that have sharp edges on top of furniture, mattresses or sofas. This is a sure way to damage items that will be used at a later time.

Reduces The Accumulation Of Dust And Dirt

Ensure that a protective cover is used for soft furnishings. This not only protects these items from damage but it also reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt that is present everywhere today in the air. In addition, when storing a refrigerator it is important to keep the freezer and refrigerator doors open as a way to improve overall ventilation. Those storing appliances should also make certain that large pieces such as a refrigerator freezer are fully defrosted.

Adequate Room Remaining For Proper Airflow

When storing mirrors and pictures it is important to wrap these items in appropriate mirror boxes and mark them as fragile. These items should routinely be stacked on end as a way to prevent damage or breakage. When stacking furniture or leaning furniture against the outer walls of the storage unit it is a good idea to make certain that there is adequate room remaining for proper airflow and ventilation. If this is not possible it is best to store these items at the center of the storage unit. When organizing items in a storage unit it is essential to make certain that there is adequate room to move around the unit in order to retrieve items more easily.

Ensure That A Move Is A Complete Success

Finally, when choosing packing tape and packing supplies it is best to go with the higher quality items. Having adequate amounts of high quality packing tape and packing supplies will help to ensure that a move is a complete success every time. Always have extra packing supplies and a spare roll of packing tape available as needed. A bonus tip is to always have a flashlight ready and available in a storage unit to make it easier to find things that are located towards the back of the unit. Contact Albuquerque Self-Storage today for affordable and reliable self-storage in Albuquerque New Mexico.

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