Self Storage in Albuquerque for Filmmakers

Welcome back to Albuquerque Self Storage’s Blog! Bet most people don’t think about Albuquerque when they think about filmmaking, but with some really, well, incentivizing tax incentives New Mexico has managed to snag the attention of independent and big-name production studios alike. Netflix alone is planning on spending $1 billion dollars just in the next decade and we’d like to help our local creative community streamline their work with safe, convenient, and affordable storage options. 

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What to Do in Albuquerque this August

Gray asphalt road besides brown mountains

Any definitive list of must-sees in Albuquerque in August would usually be littered with event recommendations, and cool museums to see, but even with events postponed and museums closed, there is still so much to do and see in this beautiful city. The natural beauty of Albuquerque and the fascinating Spanish influence in the city offers so much to see, so let’s take a look!   

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Spruce Up Your Porch This Summer

Need a new look for your porch, patio, or deck? Don’t worry. We got you covered with summer’s hottest trends that are bound to make your outdoor space the coolest in town. 

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Do You Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

climate controlled storage

There seems to be a lot of confusion about whether climate controlled units are worth it? In some cases, yes! In others, you can go without. Let’s break down when and when you don’t need a climate controlled unit. 

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Preparing Your Yard for the Fourth of July

Prepping your yard for Fourth of July can be a chore, especially if you do it last minute like we tend to do! That’s why we at Albuquerque Self Storage wanted to share our tips for last minute preparation. Even if you’re planning on social distancing this Fourth of July or celebrating it by yourself, these tips can still help! 

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How to Store Out of Season Clothes

how to store clothes

Is your closet so full that your clothes are getting wrinkled? Or is your dresser overflowing? It may be time to go through and donate some of your outfits. If you don’t want to, don’t worry; you can also look to store them. Here’s our handy guide on how to store clothes, especially if they’re out of season. 

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How to Pack for a Move in Under Two Weeks

how to pack for a move

Packing is the biggest job anyone can undertake during the moving process. It feels like a never ending process — all of the boxes, the wrapping, the taping, and there are still somehow things left in the room. Trust us, at Albuquerque Self Storage, we know how daunting and overwhelming packing seems. 

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Tips for Moving in the Summer

moving in the summer

Moving in the summer is not a fun time. It’s hot, sticky, sweaty, and often just miserable, but sometimes, you just can’t avoid it. So to help you survive the heat, here are our tips for moving in the summer. 

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Stalled Moving Plans? Try Self Storage!

Has the COVID-19 pandemic stalled your moving plans? We know how stressful that can be. Living out of boxes, moving around the clutter of organized chaos of wrapped decorations and stacks of luggage and cardboard, and waiting until it’s safe for you to hire a moving company or ensure your new place is ready is maddening. Let’s face it: it’s not fun! If you’re at your wits end, consider moving some of the clutter into a self storage unit until you can get out of your current living situation. 

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How to Keep Busy During Quarantine: Cleaning Edition

Being at home, we all have extra time on our hands, so why not get to that cleaning or organizational project that you’ve been pushing off? We at Albuquerque Self Storage know it’s not the most fun, but you’ll feel great and accomplished once it’s finally complete! 

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