What Shelters Need the Most During Winter

Homelessness has remained a large problem in the United States over the past decade. The past year it is estimated more than 500,000 people have been homelessor seeking shelter in the U.S. During the winter months it is especially difficult for those who do not have a place to call home. They may not be able to see family, enjoy the holidays, or struggle to just stay warm.

This is a time of love and warmth between family and friends but can be a difficult time for those who are unable to have a stable home for different reasons. By giving during the holiday season to those that may be less fortunate than yourself you are helping in tremendous ways. Even the smallest of donations goes a long way in difficult times.

If you and your family members are looking to help during the holiday season, we provide a list of items that are most often needed in shelters.

1. Socks and Warm Clothes

The winter months can be very harsh. Whether you live in a warm state or cold state the nights are always brutal when you are unprepared for the wind whipping and the rain or snow hitting the ground hard. Without proper clothing it is easy to become cold leading to becoming sick. Almost any warm wearables are needed at shelters as these months bring in many more looking for emergency shelter.

Many shelters provide a coat drive throughout the winter months for those who need proper warmth. Whether you have old children’s coats to donate or even your own they can help keep someone else a little warmer. You can also donate gloves, mittens, boots, hats and scarves, and any outerwear that can also be waterproof.

Another item that is necessary are socks and undergarments. It is very difficult for those in a shelter or on the street to find a clean pair of items every day that we find necessary. Donating socks and undergarments is more needed than many often think would be. Another item to donate would be hand warmers. Emitting heat for 8-10 hours can help someone keep them in their pockets, shoes, or gloves for a little extra warmth in the cold air.

2. Blankets, Sheets, and Towels

Giving clothing to the shelters is a great necessity for those going in and out of the shelters, but don’t forget what the shelter needs for all of those people. Sheets, towels, and blankets are in high demand. People are going in and out every day needing a warm place to sleep and a clean towel to shower. Giving the shelter these items allows them to quickly prepare for more people and give more warm items to those that need them.

Check with your local shelter on the size beds they have for sheets to donate, as well as if they have a preference of the size of blanket. Allowing someone the ability to shower in the evening with a warm towel, sleep in a warm room, and crawl into a warm bed is giving more than you know. These are often items we take for granted as having in our homes and in these months, you bring safety and happiness to more than you may know.

3. Personal Care

Personal care items for both men and women are very important. Sometimes showers are not an everyday ability for those without a stable home. By donating personal care items to a shelter they are able to send people with these items when they move out of the shelter. Travel sized items are often wanted in order to be given to each person.

Each shelter will often have their list of specific items they recommend be donated. These items can range depending on the shelter, so be sure to check your local shelter. Here is a small list of items that are often needed:

  • Liquid soap
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Shaving Cream
  • Baby Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Reading Glasses

4. Cookware and Snacks

Many shelters ask for simple cookware and snack items to hand out in the mornings or afternoons. Snacks that are easy to hand out such as breakfast bars, protein bars, and other easy snacks are great for donation.

Shelters sometimes also need plastic silverware, cups, and other utensils to have used every day for all meals provided. Ask the staff at a shelter near you what they would need during the year, especially the busy months of winter.

5. Bras

This may seem something that many women may have or pack when they are unable to have a stable home; however, in situations where women are on the run and have children they often leave with the clothes on their back. The main thought is their child or children and safety.

With little money and most of it going to food and shelter donating bras is a great way to help women in need. One national resource, The Bra Recyclers, is a great philanthropic company that has helped donate over a million bras to girls and women in need.

6. Entertainment

Everyone deserves that moment of relaxation with a book, Netflix, game, song, or movie on DVD. However, when homelessness strikes that relaxation becomes a large luxury that is not easily available. There are many donations for entertainment from the young to old that are great in a shelter.

A small list of items for donation include the following:

  • Gift cards to retailers
  • iPods or MP3 players
  • Headphones
  • Journals and Pens
  • Art Supplies
  • Movie theater gift cards
  • Children’s games
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Books
  • Prepaid cell phones with talk minutes loaded

7. Compassion

Many people do not hope to live life in a shelter or on the street. Having compassion and understanding that while they may not be as fortunate, they are humans with feelings too. Saying hello, offering to purchase a bottle of water, a hot tea or hot chocolate, or even a sandwich goes a long way. Be polite and remember during the holiday season it can be difficult for those struggling and alone to see the happiness we may hold. Even just a smile can brighten someone’s day!

Themes for Your Holiday Party

holiday party

Holidays, no matter the season, are often about spending time with family and friends. To enjoy your time with them how else would you celebrate other than a fun party? We want to give you a few different ideas this holiday for a themed party you may be having before the New Year.

Not only do you want to have all of your holiday decorations set out but having a party with a theme is always fun. Whether you want to keep it simple or expand to a more creative party we have options for you to choose from!

Add Some Sparkle

Whether you are having a holiday party or a New Year’s party a little sparkle goes a long way. By adding some sparkle to your holiday party, you give dimension to your decorations. This makes it more dazzling for your guests. Whether you hang sparkly streamers, place large metallic shapes on tables, or get table clothes with sparkle or a metallic sheen – all of this will bring more life to your party.

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderlandis one of the best themes to create, especially if you live in a warm area you can bring the winter to your guests. Paper snowflakes, sparkly icicles hanging, snowmen made of cotton balls – these are all fun to DIY. This is a great way to get the kids involved in preparing for the party. You can also lay fake snow on the floor or tables with pinecones and branches in large vases and on the side tables. Be sure to spray some fake snow on these items as well too!

Movie Theme

Who doesn’t love holiday movies? If you are doing a Christmas theme party consider doing something along the lines of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Santa Clause, The Elf, or Polar Expressare all great movies to have themes. Take the color schemes of these movies and make your party space feel like the real movie. You can create cupcakes that are green and signs for the Grinch or even the dessert spaghetti from The Elf. You won’t go wrong with any movie you choose!

Chocolate Factory

Creating a Chocolate Factory is a great way to draw in guests and make a warm welcome. You can base this off of Willy Wonka for a theme or do your own chocolate idea. As long as you have chocolate all over the party room everyone will understand! You want to decorate with as much candy as possible and scatter throughout your party room. Make sure your guests know that they can eat the decor and take some home at the end of the night. Give your guests a candy gift bag to remember a night in Chocolate Heaven.

Santa’s Workshop

This theme is to make it appear as though everyone is in Santa’s workshopat the North Pole. You can set out your children’s toys to be a part of the theme or ask your guests to bring a toy for donation to your favorite charity and have it displayed during the party. Set out colorful lights and wreaths to feel warm and welcome. If you choose to have guests bring a toy for donation you can also have them be placed in a red Santa bag in the main room of the party for display.

Holiday Colors

Choosing a color theme for your holiday party is a great way to incorporate your beliefs. If you Celebrate Christmas, you can do a red and green theme. Have a Christmas tree and set out a Santa for the theme. If you celebrate Hanukkah, you can decorate in blue and white. Fill ornaments in glass bowls with blue and white ornaments, and lay balloons on the floor. Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? Use black, red, and green colors all over. String lights and garland with those colors.

There are so many themes you can create. Just use your imagination and use the theme that is best for you and your guests! It can be difficult to pick out decorations and place everything so ask a friend or family member to run errands set up with you. Having a few helpers always makes the event even more fun once you can be more relaxed! When you need to store these decorations and any others that take up space in your home contact us.


Declutter Your Home for the Holidays

During the holidays it is easy to lose track of cleaning your home. While you prepare placing decorations all over the house and get ready for the holiday’s toys, decorations, and so much more get out of place. If you are hosting parties or going out of town for the holidays you want to declutter your home now! These tips below allow quick and easy cleanup before friends and family visit you this year.

Set Priority Areas

Maybe you’ll have time, but with the holidays around the corner and the kids running around you may not be able to clean the whole house. This is why you will need to set absolute rooms to declutter. If you have guests coming to visit be sure to clean your common areas the most. You want to be sure it is clean and tidy, so you aren’t worried about a toy popping out and getting stuck on someone’s barefoot! Don’t be stressed about cleaning your bedroom or kids’ rooms first. Most likely guests won’t be seeing those areas of your home.

Family Involvement

If you have children in the house decluttering your home is easier with their help. You can also make it fun for everyone during the holidays. If you have an Elf on the Shelfhave him/her leave notes around the house for areas that need cleaning. By having a little helper ask for help who reports on your kids’ behavior can help you in the process. This is a fun way to get your kids involved and give them responsibility.

 Scented Cleaner

We know that decluttering your home takes a while, especially during such a busy season. One way to make things a little more festive is by using cleaner with seasonal scents. You can make the house smell like peppermint, cinnamon, or pine. By using products with scents this is one less thing you need to worry about.


You want to be sure that when guests visit your bathroom is nice and clean for constant use, especially if you are hosting a holiday party. Minimize your bathroom mess by removing nay unnecessary items laying out such as bath toys. Be sure to stock extra in a bin or under the sink of toilet paper, soap bottles, and facial tissues. You also want to be sure you have set out fresh linens for use or decorative paper towels.


Almost every year holiday china sets have a small disaster whether it be scratching the plates or a broken item. However, this is one of the best times to do an inventory check. Now is the time to count your plates, glasses, silverware, napkins, and napkin holders. If you are choosing a new china set, consider the possibility of purchasing something versatile so that you can use it during other holidays and gatherings.

Clean the Bookshelves

Do you have bookshelves in common areas stacked with knick-knacks and unread books? If so, give away any items that seem to take up unnecessary space. This is also a great time to donate books that you no longer read or may never read. The holidays are the best time to give away any items no longer used in the house and giving away books is a great item to donate. If your kids have bookshelves in their rooms go through and look at the toys they store there and the books they have. If they have outgrown their books or learning DVDs then giving them away is a great idea for the holidays.

Gift Wrap Room/Station

Many people give gifts throughout the holiday season and a fun way to do this is by setting up a station or spare room. If you are giving gifts to young children who enjoy snooping around it is always fun to use a room. If you celebrate Christmas, you can leave a note on the door saying “Santa’s Workshop” so that the little ones won’t enter for fear of coal. By making it fun for your kids it makes it that much more enjoyable for you!

fireplace, declutter your home


So now you have cleaned the whole house, made any food you needed, and wrapped all your gifts. Once this is all done after a few days or weeks of preparation it is time to relax. Whether you want to sit and read a book, watch a movie, or just spend time with loved ones. You have earned this time and need to be sure to rest for your body mentally and physically.

Now that you have a few tips to declutter your home during the holidays get started! You want to be sure you are doing a little bit of preparation each day as the months will go by quickly. You also don’t want to stress yourself too much before guests come to your home. Take time, even just 30-minutes during the day to start decluttering and cleaning. After the holidays you will need somewhere to store all those decorations and fine china, so contact us for a storage unit today.

Events in Albuquerque During the Holidays

events in ABQ, winter


There is so much to do during the holidays in any major city. Albuquerque is one of the most fun cities to spend time in during the holidays. With culture and traditions unlike most cities this Southwest gem will blow you away during the holiday season. Read our 10 places to go and things to do during this winter season with your loved ones!

What to Do During the Holidays

1. Santa’s Wonderland (Nov 10-Dec 24)

Coming to Cabela’s for the first time this free event is something you don’t want to miss out on with your family. Cabela’s will have a Christmas village offering photos with Santa, holiday activities, and crafts. Make sure you reserve your free visit with Santa using the Bass Pass system. Santa’s Wonderland is also a drop-off station for Toys for Tots. If you and your family bring a new toy to donate on Saturday or Sunday, November 24-25 you will receive a premium photo package valued at $20 for free!

2. Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival Holiday Show (Nov 23-25)

This arts and crafts festival is a great way to start your holiday shopping. Bring friends and family and purchase one of a kind gifts for those you love. Each year this festival brings something different for the busiest shopping season of the year. With local and out of city artists creating all kinds of art from jewelry, to leather goods, to pottery these are great gifts to give.

3. River of Lights (Nov 24-Dec 30)

The sparkle of over 500 radiant light displays, animated sculptures, and a music light show. This is New Mexico’s largest walk-through light show. Held in the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden this is a show you don’t want to miss! Throughout the month there are holiday crafts on specific dates in the Education building, special holiday trains that run through the Garden Railroad exhibit, and a Polar Bear Express. River of Lights is something fun for the young and the old to enjoy during the holiday season.

4. The Nutcracker (Nov 24-Dec 2) nutcracker ballet

Start your holidays off right with the timeless story of Clara and the Nutcracker prince with New Mexico Ballet Company’s show of The Nutcracker. This is the most lavish production of the Nutcracker you will see in New Mexico with the New Mexico Philharmonic. This year will also showcase New York City Ballet principal dancers. You won’t want to miss this performance during a two-week period.

5. Winterfest (Nov 24)

A great place to shop from local vendors for all your holiday needs! With an ice-skating rink, holiday foods, hot chocolate, eggnog, and more this will put you in the holiday spirit. Ice skating is free with only a $3 skate rental. Christmas decorations will cover the Civic Plaza with Santa Claus making a stop to say hello to the kids. You won’t want to miss out on this one-day event.

6. 30th Annual Winter Spanish Market (Dec 1-2)

With 400-year-old traditions and artwork created by New Mexico artists you can see the Spanish Colonial style in this market. This festival will include traditional Spanish foods, drinks, music, art, and holiday traditions. This is another festival to purchase locally made and handmade crafts for loved ones during the holidays. You can purchase tickets at the door for this event ranging from $6-$10.

7. Twinkle Light Parade (Dec 1)

This parade is one for the entire family to enjoy during the holiday season. With marching bands, hundreds of floats, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus this event will be sure to light up any person’s eyes. The parade will take place through the Historic Nob Hill on Central Ave. You will be able to see elves, horses, and snowmen dancing down the streets. With buses and cars covered in Christmas lights this is a dazzling parade to say the least.

8. Old Town Holiday Stroll (Dec 7) 

Christmas Stars

Dining, shopping, entertainment, and decorations this will have everyone preparing for the holiday season. Shop local in the district and purchase gifts for everyone from local vendors. When purchasing a Holiday Stroll Button, you can receive discounts from participating stores. With this button proceeds will go towards Beds 4 Kidz. Around 6pm there is live entertainment and lighting of the Christmas tree. Not only will this event be for shopping and local vendors, but the museums will be open as well. The NM Museum of Natural History and Sciencealong with the Albuquerque Museumwill be joining the festivities, as well as Explora.

9. Light Among the Ruins (Dec 8)

The ruins of Gisewa Pueblo and San José de los Jemez Mission Church will again be decorated with hundreds of farolitos (paper lanterns). The evening is all about Native American traditions with flute music, dancing, and bonfires. The lights are nestled between ruins in the Jemez Valley canyon. Known as one of the most beautiful prehistoric and historic sites in the Southwest it includes ruins of a 500-year-old Native American village. The church dates back to 1621. Due to the success of the event tickets will be sold every thirty minutes between 5pm and 9pm.

10. 5th Annual Rail Yards Holiday Market (Dec 14-16)

A three-day event this year allows for local support and holiday shopping with a historic experience. With around 200 vendors selling homemade crafts, food, produce, and wellness items will have you going all three days to see everything. The Rail Yards Market and Downtown Growers’ together will bring you the holiday cheer with art, food, and music.

There is so much to do in Albuquerque around the holidays. This is only a list of 10 of the top places to go and things to see and participate in during the winter season. With so much to do and see you can’t go wrong on what you and your family want to do over the next month or so. We hope you enjoy the festivities of Albuquerque and experience the culture we have to offer!

Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! Moving into your first apartment is exciting and nerve racking all at once. You are leaving home, or school housing, and stepping out into the world on your own. While this is an exciting time it also requires a lot of work. When moving into your first apartment you want to be sure you are prepared for what comes before and after your move.

first apartment, move in

We want to help you move into your first apartment successfully. Read our tips on what to do before and after your move to make sure it all goes smoothly. If you’ve already signed your lease you know the exhilarating feeling of renting that first apartment, if you’re still looking you know the struggles of finding the perfect one for you. No matter which position you are in our tips are meant to help you stay calm and organized moving into your first apartment.

Follow Our Tips for Moving Success

1. Know Your Budget

More often than not one of the main problems first time apartment owners/renters run into is not properly budgeting. It is important to know how much space you can actually afford on your own. Not only will you be paying rent, but electricity, internet/cable, and AC. Depending on where you live and if you have a car you may also need to pay for parking. It is extremely important to understand your budget and set it before you take any steps towards an apartment. A great way to control a budget is through online apps giving yourself plenty of room for an emergency fund.

2. Location, Location, Location

Where you decide to move can have a large impact on your budget. You want to take a few things into consideration before you move and really focus on the location you want. How close do you want to be to work? Will you use a car or public transportation? If you decide to drive, you want to think of parking and traffic. Does your complex come with parking or will you fight for street parking every day? Will rush hour be brutal or pretty easy going? If you decide on public transportation will you need to walk far or is there a bus stop or metro stop nearby? Think about the weather in all of this as well! Look into the crime rate in the area you are considering as well as all surrounding areas. Be sure you feel safe since your lease will most likely last a year.

3. Really Look at the Apartment

Be aware of everything in and out of the apartment when viewing it. You want to pay attention to any damages in the apartment, outside in the hallways, or other areas of the building. No matter the size of damage, from large holes to small little dings be sure you are aware and document everything that you see. You want to be sure your landlord is aware of these damages so that you are not charged in the future. Take photos during your walk through of anything and everything you see damaged. Also listen during your walk through. Can you hear your neighbors, and will they be able to hear you? Is there an elevator or strictly stairs for moving, carrying luggage, and carrying groceries? Question about on-site amenities. Ask about laundry services, a gym, and other amenities you are looking for in the building or nearby.

4. Read Your Lease

Now it is time to sign your lease. Before signing anything ever, take it home read it, re-read it, and have someone else read it. If there is something that doesn’t make sense to you be sure you make notes and ask questions. You never want to assume everything is in your favor and the way you want. You can never over read your lease. Look at pet, parking, and visitor policies. Look at rent and late rent policies. Don’t forget that this is a legally binding agreement so be sure it is 100% what you want and will agree to. If changes need to be made make sure you and your landlord discuss it.

5. Clean Before Moving In

It is much easier to begin your move if you pack in advance and keep everything nice and organized. You want to label all packages to know what is most important, fragile, and what will end up where. Think about what you need before moving and what you already have. Before you do anything to your new apartment clean it inside out. While there may be cleaning services that come before you move in you can never be too sure to have an extra clean apartment before putting everything away.

6. Meet Your Neighbors

Before moving in knock on a few doors to meet some of the people you may be living next to. Tell them you are considering moving in and ask their opinions of the complex, the neighborhood, and surrounding areas. It is always good to meet the people you may be living near to see if you can make some new friends! After you move in be sure to introduce yourself to your neighbors whether knocking on their door and saying hello or seeing them in the hallway or lobby area. By introducing yourself people will know you’re new and might be willing to help your move, meetup for coffee or drinks, or give you good places to go around the neighborhood. You never know the friendships you can make in your new apartment building!

Hopefully our tips on moving into a new apartment help you in your endeavors! Usually when moving across country or into a smaller home you need storage so contact us. We will help you get the perfect size storage unit at Albuquerque Self Storage!

Shoe Storage Tips: How to Properly Care for Your Shoes

Shoes are one of those items that you often don’t think of putting away properly. More often than not your shoes are on the floor, thrown all over the place, piled on top of one another creating a clutter. Whether your shoes are thrown under your bed or in your closet we have shoe storage tips for you!

Keeping track of each pair of shoes in an orderly fashion may seem difficult, but we promise it’s easier than it seems. We give you storage ideas and items to help you keep track of sandals, boots, heels, sneakers, and more!

shoe storage

Tips to Care for Your Shoes

Here are ways to best take care of and store your shoes. You never want those expensive heels you bring out once every year to be ruined, or your favorite flip flops to go missing. Follow these steps and you’ll never have to worry about losing shoes again!

Under Bed Storage

This is a tried and true clutter spot because who looks under your bed? Using a proper shoe storage container meant for under your bedis a great way to store sandals and sneakers. Storing your shoes under your bed can help to create more floor space in your closet and bedroom. This helps to keep your closet and open space nice and appealing!

Hanging and Over the Door

If you have closet doors that allow you to put hooks over them then hanging shoe shelves are great for you! This allows you to keep space cleared in your closet to hang your clothes. However, you can also use these hanging shoe racks next to your clothes if you don’t have doors that allow hooks.

Shoe Drawersshoe storage, drawers

Ikea has just about everything you’ll ever need for your home and now they have shoe drawers. These can usually hold up to 12 pairs of shoes and look sleek in your bedroom. In multiple colors this storage option is a great hidden look, and a great way to keep your shoes clean and clear of dust particles!

Boot Storage

There are so many ways to store your boots! We all know that tall boots tend to flop over and take over unnecessary space on your closet floor. You can choose storage for short or tall boots, but one of the best ways to get them off of the floor is using boot hangers. You can also use boot rack,boot shapers, or even pool noodles to inflate your boots and help them keep shape!

Shoe Shelf

Many people often buy the wire shoe racks, but we don’t recommend these. Often times your shoes fall through the holes in the racks, especially your heels. Having something more like a shoe shelf will ensure that your shoes stay in place! There are tons of options whether you want to build something from Home Depot, or buy something from Targetshoe shelves are a great way to see all the shoes you own and keep them nice and tidy.

Stair Drawers

How great would it be to grab a pair of shoes from under your stairs as you head out the door? Pretty awesome! When you are building or remodeling your house think of storage that can be practical and hidden. Drawers that are a part of your stairs are a great place to store your shoes, especially when you don’t want to drag mud and dirt around the house. Your staircase will have some pretty impressive storage.

Wooden Crate shoe storage crates

Wooden crates are a great way to DIY your shoe storage! You can make this look modern or rustic depending on how you finish the crates. It is easy to buy wooden crates at a cheap price and stack them together to make an area to place all of your shoes. If you want to paint them a specific color or use a finish that gives them the rustic look it is quick and easy way to do so. You can decorate your own crates if you buy them from Home Depot, or even already colorful crates from Michaels.

Labeled Mudroom Shoe Drawers

We all know how messy the mud room can be. Everyone walks in and throws their shoes on the floor and coats on the rack. An easy way to organize your mudroom is by having hooks for jackets and drawers for shoes all labeled. Label each your name, your partners name, your children’s names, and maybe even your other loved ones have spots in the mudroom! By having labels for everyone you prevent shoes being thrown on top of one another and the yelling of, “where are my shoes?!”.

We hope this helps you with better ideas on how to use shoe storage to your advantage. If you are looking for more storage tips for your house read our room organizationand kitchen organizationblogs. Maybe you have just one too many items to store in your house. Contact usand we will help you find a unit that is best fitting for you!


Room Organization: Tips to Declutter & Destress

Looking at your bedroom and how messy it is can be intimidating, but not to worry, we’re here to help you with your room organization. Your bedroom is often your favorite space in the house where you can relax, unwind, and do what you want to do for yourself… but when it’s messy you often avoid it.

If you have a small bedroom or small closet our bedroom organization tips help you to become an organized person and destress from that mess. You don’t want your favorite getaway spot to become your worst nightmare, so follow the tips below to have a room filled with relaxation. Below we have listed 10 room organization tips for you to try!

room organization, bedroom

10 Room Organization Tips

1.Separate items in drawers

By separating items to prevent a cluttered mess in your drawer you will feel 10x better. Purchase drawer dividers to separate piles of shirts or pants. Use honeycomb dividers for small items such as bras, underwear, and socks. For those smaller drawers in your vanity purchase dividers for your jewelry as well to keep it all separate and neat.

2. Double Up Your Nightstand

Everyone loves having a nightstand next to their bed for a book, a glass of water, a phone, and sometimes a bedside lamp. You can double up your nightstand as a dresser as well. Using a dresser for a nightstand gives you extra storage space either for things you need to quickly grab in the morning, accessories, or maybe even extra bed sheets.

3. Under Bed Storage

If your bed frame is raised high enough to fit a few storage boxes this is great space to be utilized! This shouldn’t be a free-for-all to throw your “junk” stuff however. Space under your bed should be used for easy access to clothes, shoes, or whatever you may need. Storage under your bed is also a great place to store those seasonal clothes and shoes when you don’t need them.

4. Bookshelves

Having practical bookshelves in your bedroom can make all the difference when you need to utilize room storage. You can create a very creative and stylish look to your room from a bookshelf while using the space it’s needed for. Place everything you need on the bookshelf first, then add in some decorative pieces where they are needed.

5. Trash Cans

Make sure to keep a trash can near your nightstand or near your dresser. This helps to prevent receipts, tissues, and any litter from collecting on your bedroom floor. Having a trash can nearby is best for you and your loved ones to keep a nice and tidy room.

6. Hooks

You can use hooks for almost any extra room organization that is needed. If you don’t want to put holes in your wall a great way to use hooks is with command hooks. They are sturdy and help to prevent any damage done to walls. One great way to utilize hooks is hanging hats on the wall or for purses or jackets on the wall to prevent throwing them on the floor.

7. Blanket Basketblanket basket

Purchase a cute wire or wicker basket to hold your extra blankets and throw pillows. This helps to keep your floor nice and tidy when you unmake your bed, and everything is in one basket. Having extra blankets in a basket is great for you or guests to quickly grab one if a guest needs it.

8. Dresser Organization

Most people still fold their clothes and they place one item on top of the other. This will make you rethink how you organize your dresser! Instead of folding clothes roll them and line them up one by one. This not only saves storage space but also gives you the ability to see each and every item you have. Believe us this will change the game of how you will use your clothes from now on!

9. Closet Organization

Depending on the level at which you hang your clothes determines if you’ll have room for shelves above or below your clothes. Hanging your clothes lower than usual will give you extra storage space above for shelves. Hanging your clothes higher will enable you to place a laundry basket, shelves, a dresser, or shoe storage below your clothes.

10. DIY Your Own Storage

By creating your own storage system in your bedroom helps to utilize room organization. Now you not only have great looking storage, but something to be proud of too! Little wooden boxes are a great way to display your items out of the box such as headphones, mugs, sunglasses, and some cute photos.

It is easy to have good room organization once you follow our tips on how to be organized. Decluttering your bedroom will help you to calm down and get more done. With an organized room you will feel as though you have a more organized life. Looking for other areas in your house to declutter? Read our blog on kitchen organization to help clean up more of your home! If you have one too many dressers for your bedroom and need to store items away contact us and we will find the best size storage unit for you!

Kitchen Organization: A Necessity for Your Home

Tackling the kitchen can be a tough one. We’ve all been there we look at all the dishes in the sink, question where to even store all of our pots and pans, and sometimes just leave food in the refrigerator too long. Kitchen organization is not easy and requires patience and a lot of clearing out and time.

kitchen organization, counter8 Tips for Kitchen Organization

We want to help you become organized in the kitchen and learn clever ways to store all of your appliances. Having a clean kitchen leads to having a clean home. Your kitchen will not only be organized but will be appealing to the eye. Follow our 8 tips and tricks below to help make your kitchen organization a breeze!

Clear Containers

clear containers

Using clear containers can be helpful to create a clean look. Label each container whether it be “cereal”, “snacks”, or even “popcorn”. Make sure that these containers have tight lids to create an airtight seal. Using clear containers allows you to group like items together. Use these on your countertop, in your pantry, or on a shelf.


How do you organize your spices? Do you have them in your pantry? Maybe you store them in a Lazy Susan, or you have a spice drawer. No matter how you store your spices this is one of the most common items in your pantry that adds up with partially used bottles and expired ones still being used. Make sure every six months to a year you clean out your spices. Look for ones that are expired and toss those, then look for duplicates and combine them into one bottle. Being on top of your spices will keep a tidy pantry and drawer.

Utensil Drawer

Keep track of your utensils by using dividers in your drawers. Whether you want to separate forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, or anything else you use in the kitchen dividers are the best option to do so! It can be frustrating not knowing where your utensils are in the drawer. Use mini-bins to keep your drawer in tip top shape. You can even store your spatulas, whisks, and other items up on the counter in a nice decorative holder or mason jar.

Pots and Panslazy susan

Use an organizer to store pans sideways and avoid the clutter. When trying to take out pots and pans it always creates constant loud noise. By using dividers, you can keep pots, pans, lids, and cutting boards separated for easy access. If you don’t want to separate your lids you can use command hooks on the inside of the doors to hold your lids.

Cleaning Supplies in a Cabinet

Many people don’t keep their cleaning supplies in low places, such as under the sink, when they have young ones running around the house. It is good to keep a cabinet for all of your cleaning supplies organized. Use clear containers to hold sponges, dishwasher pods, and other small items. Use racks to hold towels on the bottom and cleaning supplies on top.

Tackle Your Junk Drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer in their kitchen, the question is how to get the drawer organized. Use little drawer dividers or even utensil dividers to help organize it. Fill the organizers with pens, scissors, paper clips, and other items – but be sure to keep those items where they belong. Once you have designated a container for each item keep it that way. You will be amazed at how good it feels to open your junk drawer and see how nice and neat it is!

Empty Your Cabinets

Take each and every item out of your cabinets to go through. Donate or discard items that you no longer use, need, or want. If something is a duplicate do you really need it? If it’s broken and you haven’t fixed in forever toss it, or if it’s something you no longer use donate it. By doing this to every cabinet and drawer will allow you to really get down to it. Don’t tell yourself you may use something in the future, because chances are if you haven’t you haven’t used it in 6+ months you won’t use it anytime soon. Be tough on yourself and give yourself more kitchen storage.

Utilize Vertical Space

You’d be surprised what you can do with the underside of your cabinets. You can place hooks underneath to hold mugs, a rack for wine glasses, or even a drying rack for pots and pans. This allows you to use cabinet space for other items that may not look as pretty as hanging mugs and wine glasses. By utilizing this space in the kitchen, it gives you and guests easy access to some of the most common items used, as well as a clean look.

Finding ways for new tips and tricks on kitchen organization is the best. Your kitchen not only looks better, but you feel better when you see how tidy your kitchen is. Take a day to yourself and solely focus on organizing your kitchen and pantry. We promise, you’ll be relieved to do it and use it to destress. When you realize you need storage space for items in your home contact us and we will help find the best size unit for you!

10 Fun Things to do in Albuquerque

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage Blog! We want to give you some ideas of what to do during your next trip to Albuquerque or new things in Albuquerque for you to try. Albuquerque, New Mexico is a city filled with history and excitement. From old to new locations there is no shortage of things to do and see in Albuquerque. The history of this city is believed to have begun over 12,000 years ago with Paleo-Indian hunter-gathers.

Officially founded in 1706 the history to see and walk on is endless here. Since 2,000 B.C. the Rio Grande Valley has been cultivated and populated with the Pueblo people who were highly advanced in ceramics and masonry, which are still very present in today’s culture. Although a more high-tech city today the history goes on forever.

Here we have listed a few fun things for you to do in Albuquerque:

1. Old Town Plaza

With Native American and Spanish cultures shaping this area the Old Town Plaza is the origin of Albuquerque. Cobblestone streets, original adobe homes, and now restaurants that line the streets you can enjoy Old Town for a few hours before heading off to your next adventure.

2. International Balloon Fiesta (October 6-14, 2018)

If you’ve ever wanted to go in a hot air balloon Albuquerque is the place to do it. With the dry climate it is ideal to go hot air ballooning here, especially during the first week of October when thousands come to Albuquerque’s festival. If you attend you will witness the mass launch of over 600 balloons flying before sunrise, illuminated in the sky. With morning and evening events your tickets will buy you a one-day pass. The park opens at 4:30am for morning festivities and again at 3:00pm for evening festivities.

3. ABQ BioPark

Right on the Rio Grande River the BioPark houses an aquarium, botanical garden, a zoo, and Tingley Beach. These places will certainly keep the kiddos in line and interested! From a 285,000-gallon shark tank, to 200+ species at the zoo, a 36-foot acre botanical garden, and a beach park to hike, bike, and run – there is endless fun in the BioPark.

4. Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

The culture of the indigenous Pueblo tribes is preserved at this cultural center. A facility of art and history is educational with workshops, lectures, and hosts fun events. Look on the centers website to see when dancers will be performing, and if you want true southwest souvenirs this is the place to get them!

5. Sandia Peak Tramway

If you’re looking for extremely fun things to do in Albuquerque this is one of them! Climbing almost 3 miles in a cable car you receive amazing views of Albuquerque. Once at the top of Sandia Peak – which is over 10,000 feet high – you can see the Rio Grande Valley and the Land of Enchantment. With clear skies you can see over 11,000 square miles with excellent hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

6. Paseo del Bosque Trail

If you want to get around the city without traffic Paseo del Bosque Trail is one of the best ways to do so. A 16-mile trail for walking or biking follows the Rio Grande River. With local artists and wildlife walking all around this is a great way to enjoy nature and the city. Be warned that on the weekends it can often get crowded, but if it’s too crowded or you get hungry you can easily veer off to Central Ave for a good meal.

7. KiMo Theatre

A Pueblo Deco picture palace opened in 1927 this theatre is home to a variety of performances. From movies, concerts, theatre shows and more. If you wish to view the theatre you can do so during office hours from Tuesday thru Saturday. If you click the link to the website, you can see when events are taking place and when free tours of the theatre are held. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed by this theatre’s beauty!

8. Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Hidden beneath the desert wildlife of Albuquerque are over 100 known caves formed from sulfuric acid that dissolved surrounding limestone which created caves of all different sizes. You have the option of using the natural entrance or the elevator. If you are able to walk the natural entrance, we highly recommend it.

9. Downtown Ghost Walk

Over a mile of visiting Albuquerque’s dark side this falls high in things to do in Albuquerque. Visiting historic – reportedly haunted – sites downtown such as the KiMo Theatre, Wool Warehouse, and even “Hell’s Half Acre” the former red-light district. For only $5 this is a fun event for you and everyone in your party!

10. San Felipe de Neri Church

The first chapel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The early Spanish settlers of this area were extremely religious. Although it has been remodeled a few times the original adobe structure is still intact today. If you want a good piece of history from Albuquerque this is one of your best bets to get true history here.

There are a ton of things to do in Albuquerque and we’ve only listed 10! Feel free to visit Albuquerque’s websiteto see what else is offered to you on your trip or for more fun things to do. Contact uswith any questions you may have regarding Albuquerque!

Back to College Storage Essentials

As the school year approaches you are helping your kids get ready to go back to college, or you yourself are going back to college. You may be sending your kid off to freshman year or pulling items out of storage to move them into a new dorm or apartment. When you’re getting ready to go back to college it’s important to be sure you have everything in your room stored to maximize the most space you can!

back to college chalkboard

We want to help you maximize your bedroom space while you’re in college. You may have a nice sized dorm room or apartment, but you can never have too much storage in your room… and there are tons of ways to make it unknown. Below are some tips to maximize your storage!

Multipurpose Furniture

Your room comes with a bed, desk, and maybe a dresser or two so you need to utilize the space to the best of your ability. You can use furniture that doubles as hidden storage! Look to a trunk to put at the end of your bed that doubles as seating or an end table, or ottomans that have hollow insides to store items. Even look into small tables (like a coffee table) that opens and has space inside!

Vertical Space

When you go back to college this is a great way to take advantage of all the space in your room. On the back of your closet door, the back of your bedroom door, the back of your bathroom door, there are so many areas you can take advantage of that storage. Storage units like over-the-door shoe racks, towel racks, baskets, and toiletry racks aren’t heavy on the door and allow quick and easy access to your items.

Under-bed Storage

Many dorm room beds can be lifted to allow space for storage bins, drawers, and baskets. If you cannot raise your bed any higher purchasing bed risers will do the job! If you feel that showing boxes and drawers is too messy, you can always buy a bed skirt made for long high beds and dorm beds.

Above the Bed Storage

We know that going back to college sometimes means you may be losing shelving space in your room. You can fix this by buying wall shelves to hang over your bed. Whether you want to choose to put shelves that hang freely or have shelves that go over your bed on the sides and leave room for a small headboard is up to what you need and want the shelf for!

Rolling Cart

Rolling carts are great for many different reasons. You can use them as a night stand, a stand for kitchen items with mugs, plates, etc., or you can use it for toiletries. You can use this for books as well and role it around wherever you need it.

Stacking Bins

Bins that are able to stack on one another save you and your roommates space! If you want to put stacking bins under the sink in your bathroom to separate items and have quick access can make knowing whose toiletries are whose. These bins are great for deodorant, toothpaste, soap, medications, and anything else you may think you need.

Organizers in Drawers

Organize your socks and underwear with drawer dividers to help keep everything decluttered. These organizers are great since they are fabric bins, or you can even use these dividers that just make a small wall in your drawer. Another drawer to organize is your desk. Use kitchen utensil dividers to divide pens, pencils, and other items in your drawer!

Cord Holders

If your cords are constantly tangled and hanging everywhere think of using cord holders. You can use binder clips to thread chargers through the loops at the back of your desk to keep cords out of the way. You can also purchase a cable organizer off of the internet to help you stay organized!

Cork Board or White Board

Going back to college after a summer of vacation can be difficult in the beginning to get back in the swing of things. You can leave yourself reminders and even leave your roommate nice notes! Add items to a cork board like push pins and hooks to hold keys and hang papers.


Baskets are a great way to store your throw pillows and blankets instead of putting them on the floor. Use a cute wire basket or weaved basket to hold your decorative items when you don’t need them.

Command Hooks

These will be your life saver!! When you live in a dorm room or apartment building often times you are not allowed to nail anything into the walls. When this is the case command hooks and Velcro will be your best friends! Coming in all different sizes these hooks can hold rather heavy items making it easy to hang wall art, mirrors, towels, or even just keys. These little hooks are easy to hang everywhere, and you’ll be thankful you have them!

We hope this helped you moving back to college and preparing your bedroom and living spaces! Contact us when you need storage during the summer months of school being out. We will help you pick the best size for you!