Car Storage: How to Store Your Car Properly

Do you have a convertible car that you love to drive during the summer, but are unable to drive during the winter? Car storage comes in handy for many reasons: whether you have a car you can only drive a few months of the year, you are going on an extended vacation, or you are moving and storing your car in the process. When deciding to store your car you want to be sure that you follow the checklist below to prevent any damage to your car in storage!

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Home Trends and Designs Buyers Want

If you are trying to sell your home there are certain home trends and designs that draw a potential buyers eye. If you are looking to purchase a home, there are certain trends to look for that can benefit you in your new home. From open floor plans, outdoor patios, and energy efficient appliances we tell you what to look for!

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Wine Storage: Tips to Keep Your Wine Nice

Who wouldn’t love a wine cellar inside their home? We know we would! But sometimes we just aren’t all blessed with awesome basements that aren’t too hot or too cold to double as a wine cellar. We are here to give you a few tips on how to properly store your wine, because once you start storing and collecting you won’t be able to stop! 

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7 Bonus Room Ideas for Your Home

Almost all rooms in your home have a designated purpose and use already, but maybe you have a spare room and aren’t sure what to do with it. Each room is designated for a certain purpose whether it’s your kitchen, your living room, or your bedrooms, but that spare room probably doesn’t have any purpose yet. We decided we want to help give you a few bonus room ideas to make use out of the room!

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7 Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

A finished basement may cost a pretty penny in the beginning, but in the end it can bring a large return on investment. If you are ever looking to sell your house a finished basement is very profitable since many homebuyers prefer a finished basement. Finishing your basement is great for you to entertain guests and have your kids play. We have given you a few helpful ideas on how to finish your basement below!

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Moving in Together as A Couple

Moving in together as a couple is a big next step in many relationships. It is a huge life transition that has many emotions attached to it from exciting, to scary, to not knowing how to feel. Allow yourself to feel these emotions because it’s okay to feel the way you do! At Albuquerque Self Storage we want to give you a few questions to ask before moving in together and a few tips to follow when moving in together.

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How to Organize a Kids Room

organize kids room

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! We know just how difficult it can be to keep a clean home with children and toys lying everywhere. Constantly tripping over toys, feeling them imprint into the bottom of your foot, or falling over and having them jab your side you may think it is impossible to have a clean house with kids. Let us tell you just how possible it is to organize a kids room. 

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How to Become a Minimalist in No Time

how to become a minimalist

Minimalism has taken a run-in popularity, giving people a change to live a simpler life and focus beyond material items. You don’t have to become an extreme minimalist overnight to feel satisfied with living simply. We are sure you are questioning what minimalism is, how to begin, and how to begin making changes in your life. Learning how to become a minimalist is much easier than you may expect. 

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How to Adjust When Moving to a New City

moving to a new city

Adjusting to life in a new city can be difficult no matter your age or how many times you have moved around. This is an exciting and challenging time all at once. It can be stressful packing up and leaving things behind, but you know that moving to a new city is beneficial to you! Once you have found your home and are all unpacked it is time to settle into your new home.

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Make Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

temporary housing

Moving can be a hassle, whether you are moving across the country, across the state, or even just across the city. Usually most people move post college when it is much easier to move just a few possessions. However, once you’ve settled down with kids and have more worldly possessions moving becomes a little bit more of a hassle. When you are moving around it can be difficult to make temporary housing feel like home.

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