U.S Depart of Justice Files Suit against Immoral Storage Company

The notion that all Self-Storage providers are created equal is entirely false. The recent actions of Horoy inc. refute the contention beyond a doubt. This morally inept storage company auctioned off the belongings of militants deployed on active duty—as if they’re worried about storage. If this seems wrong to you, it’s because it is. There is an article in the Service Members Civil Relief Act that prohibits storage companies from auctioning off the goods of deployed militants who fail to pay their storage fee; it also protects those previously deployed for six months after returning home. That is why at Albuquerque Self-Storage we make it a point to check our database before auctioning off the belongings of a tenant.
The patriotic storage company, Horoy inc., sold off the personal property of 11 service members without obtaining the proper court documents. Some of these items included vintage cars, family heirlooms, and expensive jewelry with sentimental value. What’s more, these champions of justice continued to collect rent after selling our veterans property.
Without the service of our military, Horoy inc., wouldn’t even be able to pursue the vocation of scamming people out of their money. Servicemen deserve special protection, because they provide us with the ultimate protection. The attorney General Gupta released the following statement about the matter, “The Depart of Justice is committed to protecting the rights of the men and women who serve in our armed forces.”
When dealing with Self-Storage trust is everything. You should sleep easy at night knowing that your most treasured treasures are secured safely in your self-storage unit. Horoy was forced to pay $55,000 for the first offence, and an additional $110,000 for its additional offenses. Hopefully the fine levied put Horoy out of business. But there will always be other pillagers and looters parading around as self-storage providers. Make the right the decision and opt for a company you can trust. Reach out to us at Albuquerque Self-Storage.

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