Most Frequent Storage Mistake

The old adage, “know thy enemy” holds true in many unlikely applications. One such application is the often overlooked field of self-storage. So, we have complied a brief blurb about the most common storage mistakes made by our customers.
Insurance is your Assurance
Do not assume that all items placed in self-storage are automatically covered by Albuquerque Self Storage. Check with your home insurance agent to find out if your policy covers items placed in self-storage. If it doesn’t, there’s no need to worry. Albuquerque Self-Storage offers a multitude of insurance policies to cover your valuables.
Moving Unprepared
The single biggest mistake you can make is to understaff your moving operation, or fail to block off enough time to make sure the move is successful. Not having enough time will cause the move to be rushed, and thus, damage to your property is likely. If you fail to secure an adequate amount of help. You leave yourself prone to injury. Indeed, when it comes to moving, it’s better to overcompensate than try to run a skeleton operation.
Storing Food and Using Newspaper
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you should never store food in your self-storage unit. We’d like to think that anyone who stores food in self-storage does so unintentional. But stranger things have happened before. Also, using Newspaper to pad your items is a waste of tissue. It won’t really work. You need bubble wrap or Styrofoam padding to take care of your packing needs.

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