Self-storage as a Satellite Library

Nowadays, satellites are all the rage. Satellite offices, satellite dishes, satellite telephone service. Contrastingly, people have no use for books. That is why a satellite library makes complete sense as a happy medium between the rise of one entity and the fall of another. For those unique individuals out there who actually read, and for those even more unique individuals that actually read books printed on paper, a satellite office is something you should seriously consider.
Librus packing 101
Packing books follows the same general principle almost any other packing application. The most important thing is to keep moisture out. Moisture leads to mold, mold leads to moths, and moths lead to the complete disintegration of your book collection. What’s more, books follow the same general principle as any other packing operation. Always pack your things in such a way that the most important works are easily accessible. That means you can bury 50 Shades of Grey beneath your copy of Ulysses or Moby Dick.
Consult the Professionals
At Albuquerque Self-Storage, we find that storage units are a lot like people. They all come in different shapes and sizes but are undoubtedly deep and spacious. If you are looking to store books, a 4′ by 6′ unit is probably your best bet. That is, however, unless you have a larger stock of literature then the Vatican or the Library of Congress.

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