Boxing your Belonging

No, this is not dealing with one of the world’s oldest sports. Instead, boxing involves storing your belongings strategically for self-storage purposes. Your ability to box could make or break the entire self-storage operation.
The Eiffel Tower as Inspiration
Steven Sauvestre could not imagine in his wildest dreams the profound impact his Eiffel Tower would have on the world of architecture. Drawing inspiration from natural objects such as mountains, he pioneered the start wide and get skinny concept. So it is the same with storing and packing boxes. Create a strong base comprised of unimportant boxes, and build your way to the top with important boxes at the summit.
Paper or Plastic
This is one of the few areas of self-storage that is relatively straightforward and self-explanatory. Simply put, plastic is always better if it’s available. First, plastic can hold around 80lbs whereas cardboard can really only withstand 30lbs of pressure. Lastly, plastic boxes are transparent by nature, so it will be easier to locate your belongings when it comes time to retrieve.
Label It
Labeling your boxes will no doubt put you in a superior position when retrieving valuables from your boxes. A simple roll of masking tape and sharpie market will allow you to investigate where your important belongings are stored. Feel free to reach out to us today at Albuquerque Self-Storage for assistance with your storage unit.

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