Preparing for Decoration

With the holidays rapidly approaching it’s about time to start pulling out the decorations. Nicely storing decorations reduces the hassle of decoration for the holiday season. Here are some tips.

Holiday Lights

The number one culprit of frustrating decorators everywhere. Holiday lights are notorious for tangles and smashed bulbs which seem to come out of nowhere. You can spend hours trying to untangle the yearly mess, and sometimes it still beats you. Well, fear no more! Investing in some light reels is the perfect remedy. The reel is a simple idea. The lights wrap around a wheel, so strands stay separate and organized, eliminating crushed bulbs and impossible knots. Most reels can store up to a hundred feet of lights.


Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes. You have the typical colored bulbs that are the staple of Christmas tree decorations, and then you have the more personalized ornaments. Regardless of the type, all ornaments are fragile and loved. With poor storage the chances of a broken ornament is high. Invest in some ornament storage bins. These are containers that usually come with compartments lined and layered. Each ornament is stored within its own space, surrounded by a gentle material like velvet. With multiple layers you won’t have to pick and choose which ornaments deserve special treatment.

Gift Wrap

Wrapping paper is something we use year round, but in the holiday season it becomes a necessity. Gift wrap can also be a hassle to store. The space underneath your bed just isn’t cutting it anymore. Nowadays, there are storage containers for just about anything, wrapping and trimmings are no exception. Invest in a gift wrap container. One that is tall and narrow can accommodate multiple paper rolls. The top can also be its own compartment where ribbons, bows, labels, tape, and scissors can be placed. This keeps your gift wrap away from any damage and can be easily stored in the corner of a closet or garage.

The Bigger Stuff

You have a big light up penguin, a blow up snow globe, maybe a big furry spider and some tombstones. Either way you’re running out of room in your garage between the boxes, storage containers, and the car. This is a perfect opportunity for additional self storage with Albuquerque! We’re here to help keep the holidays as easy and happy as possible.

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