Organizing Your Storage Unit Like A Pro

We have been in the storage business for a very long time. We have seen more self-storage units packed and unpacked than we can count. Keep this between us, but we have seen some horrendous things. Some disasters. Some organizational nightmares that still keep us up at night. We are talking couches stacked on half-full boxes, stacked on grandma’s now shattered priceless china. We think such terrible organization should be criminalized, but until that happens we will just try to help everyone else organize a little better.

Create a Game Plan

Before you lift so much as a finger to start packing, you need to come up with a game plan. The rest of your move is going to be hinging on this, so it better be good! Start off by making a list of everything you are going to be putting into storage. How many boxes are you going to be filling? What large items are you going to be storing? Bookcases? Beds?

Now grab a piece of paper and draw a rectangle. This is your storage unit. Time to fill it, strategically and carefully, using only a pencil. Once you have everything diagramed out, you are ready to pack.

Box and Label

We have already casually mentioned boxes, now it is time for things to get real. Everything you are storing excluding furniture or other large items needs to go in a box. Sort your belongings. Box kitchen utensils with other kitchen utensils. Stay organized. Seal the boxes with packing tape and label them clearly. Now you are ready to move.

Moving Day

First things first, call you friend, call you family, and get some help. Lie to them if you have to. Promise pizza, beer, whatever it takes. Now get them to life the heavy furniture. Get those items into the storage unit first, and pack boxes in around them. Leave a clear isle to move through, it will be useful, and when you are moving out. Congrats, now you have a well-organized storage unit!   

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