Preparation in Storing an Automobile

Garages only come so built so large, so you’ve turned to self-storage for room to keep an extra car safe. Wether it’s a used car for your teen to eventually utilize when they get their permit, or a collectable model, everyone takes pride and precaution in keeping their automobiles protected and in the best condition. Before you roll your automobile into its storage spot taking a few preliminary steps will help prevent mechanical issues as it sits over time.

Fresh Fluids

You will want everything in your car to be as clean and recent as possible before you leave it. Put it through the typical care of a full tank of gas and a new oil change. Gas is most important, because an empty tank can build up condensation over time, which will cause internal damage to the car. Premium gas with additives is also suggested since the most common gasoline used by drivers can become gummy and destroy the gas tank. Check all other fluid and coolant levels and top them off if needed.

Tire Care

Always inflate the tires of the car to the correct pressure. The amount of pressure needed may depend on the months that the vehicle is stored due to changing weather. Check manufacture manuals for specific directions. Overinflation of tires can help prevent flat spots as it sits in storage. Another method of preventing flat spots is raising the car slightly on a jack. Some tires are more durable than others and may not require being lifted. For example, car with low-profile radials would hold up on the ground overwinter.

Battery Care

If you know your automobile will be stored up for a long time obtaining a battery maintainer is practically a must. These batteries turn on periodically at short intervals over the months in order to keep the battery of the car charged and ‘used’.

These few tips will help keep your vehicle in smooth running condition even after a little vacation in storage.

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