Storing Keepsake Tips

Whether you want to save your childhood and familial keepsakes or begin storing for children of your own, it can be hard to decide just how to save and organize all the pieces you find important. From artwork, certificates, clothes, photos and everything in between here are some steps and ideas you can take into consideration.


First and foremost, it is a good strategy to go through all your keepsakes and decide if they still hold important sentimental value. If it makes you feel good, keep it! If not, there’s no reason to take up space that could be used storing something that does. Consider emotional and monetary worth. You never know if you may be throwing out an expensive heirloom, or an item that another family member may want themselves. Toss anything badly damaged, there’s no use in holding onto it. Frame important artwork or take photos, and toss out the rest. Essays, letters, and cards can be stored in a sectioned binder with plastic sleeves to keep them safe from clutter, bends, and tears.


After you’ve decided which items to keep for good, you should try and decide how much space you need. You can use bins, trunks, or even an entire closet! Always store your valuables in places without fluctuating temperatures. Garages, attics, and basements are convenient places, but also the most dangerous due to temperature inconsistency. That iswhen closets or air-conditioned storage units come handy! Never store or use newspaper as wrapping for other items, as they contain lignin and acid that will damage your keepsakes. Use an archival box instead for old books, garments, or photos.

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