Making Moving Fun For The Children

If you have ever had to move, you understand that you understand that it requires a ton of work and some patience, something that doesn’t come easy when you’re moving your entire life from place to another. Aside from the task if having to lift and move furniture all day, sometimes you’ll have to deal with smaller tasks along the way, like remembering to eat or supervising your children.

Instead of letting the little ones run around while you work, get them involved, it will make things a bit easier for you and it can be fun for the children if you know what you are doing. The truth is, kids love to feel helpful and if you can make something as grueling as moving into something fun kids won’t mind joining in.

Here are a couple of ideas that you can try with your little ones at home:

Moving-Day Tetris

The concept behind this is pretty simple and the kids are sure to enjoy it. The first step is to hand the kids a moving box, medium to small size work best, especially since children normally do not have much belongings. Afterwards, tell them to pretend that the box is a game of Tetris and that they need to get the most things they can in their box, but they have to do it in a neat and well-organized fashion. If you have multiple children, make it a competition and whoever fills the boxes up the best wins.

Crazy Categories

This game will help kids grow their organizational skills and make it easier to move their stuff once its time for it to head for the storage or your new home. For this game, you just tell your kids to start grouping and placing all their belongings into categories (i.e.; toys+games, by color, etc.) by in a respective part of their room. You can leave it up to them to to decide how they will categorize their things, maybe they want to group all their toys and clothes or maybe they want to organize their stuff by color, the possibilities are endless.

These are just a few ideas and they are sure to help make your moving day easier while making it fun for the kids to get involved and help out, so they can be your “little helpers” and not another obstacle on moving day.

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