Safety Tips For Storing Sharp Objects

So, you’ve got all your things in the moving truck and now you’re headed to put them away at your storage unit at Albuquerque Self-Storage . You begin putting things away and everything is going well until you feel a sharp throbbing in your leg. You look down and are shocked to see that you’ve cut yourself on one one of the many kitchen knives that some left laying on top of the coffee tables. You start to look around and realize that there is a ton of other stuff that could be hazardous to people moving stuff around, especially if they’re not paying attention.

This isn’t uncommon as one might think. When you are in the midst of moving, it’s obviously much easier and convenient to just put things here and there instead of finding the proper place to put them.

On moving day, the last thing you want to worry about is going to the hospital, so here are some tips to make your storage space as safe as possible:

Tips for Sharp Objects

There are many things around the house that fall into this category and rightfully so, since it’s one of the biggest hazards on moving day. Anything from kitchen knives and scissors to your children’s pencils or even just the edges of furniture can be a danger when you are moving. A great commonly used practice is to put your knives and other silverware into their own box and “clearly” mark them as sharp objects. For objects like scissors and office and school supplies, it is best to have a container that is solely designated to store the sharp objects in your home. (Unfortunately, your husband’s collectible “Game of Thrones” sword might not fit). A great tip to keep yourself and others from banging and injuring yourselves on the edges of furniture is to pick up a roll of bubble wrap and some packing tape and lining any edges that you see as potentially hazardous.

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