Things You Should Never Store In Your Unit

Maybe you’ve had a storage unit for a while, or maybe you’ve just recently decided to rent a unit. Whatever your situation might be, or whatever you decide to store, here are some things you should never store under any condition.

  • Dangerous items: Steer clear of adding any flammable, explosive, or hazardous materials to your unit, which include items like propane tanks, fireworks, fertilizers, paints, etc. You never know when any of those materials could spontaneously combust and destroy everything you had stored for safe keeping. If you do find yourself in possession of any of these products and absolutely need to store them, just be sure to empty the containers completely, and clean them of any remaining residue before they’re stored.
  • Plants, food, and anything living: While storing some canned food products won’t be an issue, do not store anything remotely perishable in your unit. Not only will the food go bad, but will also attract critters and bugs of all shapes and sizes. On that note, make sure anything you decide to leave in your unit isn’t alive. This includes things like animals and plants – even that cute succulent plant that doesn’t need regular watering.
  • Drugs and medicines: It should go without saying that you’re not allowed to leave any form of drugs, medicine or drug-paraphernalia in your unit. Not only is this a bad idea in general, but it is also illegal. You can, however, store certain antique medical equipment.
  • People: It might seem tempting to turn that climate controlled storage unit into an office or living space, seeing as it is far less expensive to rent a unit than an office or apartment. Unfortunately, this is highly advised against, aside from being illegal. Your unit should only be used to store goods: nothing else.

If you have any questions about what you can and cannot store in your unit, all of us at Albuquerque Self Storage are here to help. You can visit us at 13041 Central Ave. NE or give us a call at (505) 431-6747.

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