How To Keep Track Of All The Items In Your Unit?

So, do you think you have the perfect storage unit? You have put both time and effort into keeping the unit clean, organized, and picturesque. You have also been careful to add specific items that you either can’t fit in your home, or things you’ll need later in the year.

But do you remember what those items were? Maybe you have a wide variety of items stored, from that old toaster you can’t seem to get rid of to your old college bedding. Whatever the case, there is a pretty big chance that you’ll forget some of the things you’ve put in your unit.

The perfect remedy? Make a checklist or spreadsheet, and keep one copy at home and the other in your unit.

But you don’t have to stop there in your effort to account for your items and stay expertly organized. In addition to your checklist, you’ll also want to consider having a physical map of where certain items are stored within the unit. This doesn’t have to show the location of each item down to a “T,” but rather, the map should be able to show where certain related items are held. Not only will creating and updating a map of your unit help you with keeping track of your items, but it will help you find your items much quicker than rummaging through box after box.

If you need an idea of where to start, you’ll want to start from scratch. It might be time consuming, but it will be extremely beneficial in the long run. Therefore, begin by organizing your unit by related items; putting all of the electronics in one section of the unit, and doing so for all furniture, clothes, antiques, and miscellaneous items. Once you’ve accomplished that task, then you can start making your checklist in order to maximize your unit, and keep your mind at ease.

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