The Usual Suspects

The time has come. You’re ready to move into your new place, your stuff is all packed away and ready to go. Now you just need one thing: Muscle. A comedian had a bit about “If you’re over 35, be polite, hire a mover,” But if you’re not or movers are out of the question, who do you call on? Let’s go over the traditional who’s who of moving companions, often all it takes is a pizza and cold beer to hire your own Army of Movers.


Friends are the obvious choice. How many times have you helped them move in and out of whichever place their current relationship takes them? Exactly. Good enough friends will even curb their evening plans the night before to make sure they’re ready for the no doubt overly optimistic and early schedule you have laid out. Careful though! If you’re moving away and some friends are less than enthused, they’re prone to really drag their feet and be actively unhelpful. Drinking the reward before they lift a finger or finding the volleyball you tucked away in the storage unit and start a game. Don’t be too hard on them, they care, but maybe let them sit this one out.


Depending on how far along the independent path you are, you may have access to asking your folks for help. Better than friends they’ll show up guaranteed. Not only that but they come stock with moving experience themselves, if you can handle the advice to utilize it. Of course, depending on your relationship you may not need their critique on the state of your furniture or desire to trade your car in for a motorcycle and now might be the moment they decide to spring it on you. Weigh those possibilities when considering dialing them up.


The time honored position of a parent’s brother is one of high esteem. They help you get into trouble, buy you presents that’ll drive your parents nuts, and help your parents in every single manual labor task that comes their way. Now that you need to move places look towards that experienced individual, Uncle [nickname here] (mine is Uncle Buddy) and his truck. He’ll help, make fun of you and your friends the whole time, but his experience is second to none and he’ll make sure you get your stuff where you need it. He may even stick around and help your dad fix the sticky locks on your new place’s front door. He’s swell like that.

Hope this rundown has helped you think about your future moving crew. If you’re able I’d recommend a unit solely of Uncles. Though when too many gather prepare for an impromptu barbecue at your new home.

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