Just like the title says, that is what we are going to be looking at today. Who needs the convenience of secure, climate controlled, extra space? Well it’d be easier to list who couldn’t benefit but for the sake of answering the questions asked let’s rundown just a few possibilities.

Anyone Moving

This one is obvious, of course. Anyone who is moving, whether far or near, could benefit from short term space rental and the security of knowing that while between homes their belongings are safe. If moving into a smaller place, the benefit of space provided can allow a person to hold and use their belongings.


College students across the country have just returned to academia after the summer holiday, many of whom are leaving home for the first time. Squeezing all of their belongings into a shared dorm room is impossible. While they can’t fit that couch or TV, it is only a matter of time before they find themselves a larger space to stake their claim in their college town. Until then, a storage facility can hold onto all that stuff close at hand.

Parents of Students

With the students off to school for the year, and maybe out for good (ha ha) the parents of the scholar find themselves with lots of unneeded things. Of course, there’s no telling what the child may decide they do need and so it may be better to hold on to it for the interim. While that happens why not free up all that space in the home for the hobbies they have been meaning to take up.

Businesses/Community Groups

Running a small business, sometimes out of the home, can find an entrepreneur pushed up against a wall, literally and figuratively as they find their workspaces overwhelmed by product. Scoutmasters or Little League coaches will find their personal garages soon overrun with equipment and gear belonging to the group. Getting a communal storage unit with access to all the involved parties frees everyone up from excess stress-inducing responsibility and having to be available at all times.

Home Renovators/Victims of Unfortunate Circumstance
Should anyone find themselves drastically overhauling their home, whether in repairs or new construction, they will find they need somewhere to move their belongings temporarily. As it turns out, building a deck off of the kitchen is a bit harder to do when all the patio furniture is in the way. Likewise, if the roof falls in, it would be a better option to store the belongings of that room than risk further damages while it is repaired.

Essentially, storage spaces such as ours are a tool to be wielded however the customer needs it. Short or long term, convenient regular access or just when it is ready to be emptied. Albuquerque Self Storage

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