Strategic Storage Offense

“The best defense is a good offense.” -Strategic Offensive principle of war
You have contacted your storage facility, you have your movers lined up, and you are all ready to go to get yourself some free space and peace of mind at the same time. What last things need considering? That is to say, will the way in which you utilize the storage unit keep everything you need safe, secure, and easy to access for you and not for possible pests. Here are some quick tips to keep your storage unit pest free and your belongings in tip-top shape.

Plastic > Cardboard

While the cardboard box is the tried and true classic to moving, for long term storage you may want to look elsewhere. Sealed plastic containers will create a much more secure barrier to prevent pests such as rodents from breaking through and making their nest. If they can’t find a welcoming home, they will likely move elsewhere.


Before storing anything, make sure all the items are already clean. Wash clothing, linens, blankets in a hot temperature to eliminate any pest eggs before they have the chance to hatch inside the cozy, dark unit. Any kitchen appliances or utensils be sure to have scrubbed well and removed any stubborn food remains. If you want to keep out unwelcome intruders, the last thing you want to leave in your unit is bait.

Consistency is Key

Check in on your belongings and do a basic cleaning regularly. While they no doubt won’t gather much more than dirt, if you see any signs of pests contact the facility manager and tackle the problem early! The sooner the alarm is raised, the less likely it is for your belongings to have become infested with whatever critter is local to your area.

So long as you are proactive in the battle against pests, you can be sure that your unit and all the items inside will be secure and ready for when you need them. The last thing anybody wants when grabbing their spare couch or camping gear is to find that they now have some unwanted tenants squatting.

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