10 Bizarre Things Found in Storage Unites (Part 3)

We hope that you’ve enjoyed parts one and two of this three part series covering some of the most interesting items that have been found in storage units! This is the last part of the series, and we know that you’ll enjoy hearing about these remaining items. Without further ado, here are the final items on our list!

  1. Pirate treasure: We really aren’t joking about this crazy find! Bought at an auction in 2011 by Storage War personalities Laura and Dan, the unit contained Spanish gold called the “Pieces of Eight.” The gold dates all the way back to the 16th century (1700s), and was estimated to be worth over half a million dollars.
  2. Collegiate letters: While getting into college is a huge deal for any person, it was equally as huge for basketball champion Michael Jordan. In 2003, a man in North Carolina bought a unit that contained numerous college recruitment letters sent to Michael Jordan. In addition to the letters, there was also a diploma, as well as other personal items. Each of these things were originally part of the “Michael Jordan 23” restaurant, which is now closed. In terms of value, Goldin Auctions believes each individual letter could be worth $250,000!
  3. Postage stamps: There are definitely a good number of people who still collect stamps, despite communication having shifted from snail mail to emails and texting. However, old stamps can be worth a lot of money, especially if they are preserved in good condition. Some person lucked out when they cracked open a locked and found one single 1851 Canadian 12 pence stamp, which they then sold for $34,000.
  4. A classic car: Classic cars have a massive fan base, and anyone who loves a good car will love this find. In 2011, a lucky man in Kansas opened a unit to find a 1966 Shelby Mustang. Even better, the car was found in mint condition.

We hope that you store all of your best items, and that you choose to store them with us!

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