Creative Ways To Use Cardboard Boxes (Part 2)

Welcome back! Are you ready to learn about new and creative ways to make use out of the extra cardboard boxes that might be cluttering your garage or storage unit? We hope you are! This will be the final segment in this two part series. If you haven’t read the first part, we suggest you do! We covered ideas suitable for children, and even adults. Without further ado, here are some additional ideas on how to make use of your cardboard boxes:

Craft a Useful, Household Item.

While there are tons of different ways to use cardboard boxes, one thing is certain: they are used to hold things. So what not take this idea to the next level? If you wrap rope around the box and secure the rope with glue, it will look more like a basket than a boring box. You can even add some funky fabric designs to the top to give it that “store bought” feel. This is a great idea if you’re looking to store things like towels in your bathroom! And luckily, it will save you time and money from having to take a trip to the store! You can even glue handles to the side to make it easy to move around the house.

For the experienced DIY person, cardboard boxes can serve as a great alternative to wooden shelves. Making shelves out of cardboard boxes is not a simple task, and unless you’re extremely good at securing and supporting stacked boxes, you’ll find that you won’t be able to store heavy items on these shelves. However, if you have the skills to do it, we think you should go for it!

Picture Frames

Not only can you turn cardboard boxes into picture frames for your own house, you can give them as gifts to your family and friends, as well. Each frame you make can be different and unique! You can glue wrapping paper or different fabrics to the frame in order to cover the cardboard material. You can be even more creative by cutting different shapes out of the cardboard to glue to your frame as well!

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