How to Properly Store Winter Clothes?

Even though the weather is still chilly here in Albuquerque, many of you might be thinking or planning ahead when it comes to all of your winter gear. While it’s always great to be prepared for storing your items, both new renters and more experienced renters can benefit from tips relating to how to properly store and protect those winter pieces! We’ve outlined some tips and advice on what you will need to do in order to store your clothes so that they will be as good as new for next winter…

  • Clean everything you intend to store: Before you even think about storing your winter clothes, you’ll need to have everything washed or dry cleaned. And yes, that includes checking each and every pocket, as well as any nook and cranny! People tend to forget about the things they leave in their pockets – whether they be tissues, napkins, business cards, peppermint candies, or old food wrappers. It’s important to check every pocket and remove anything that’s in there before you store your clothes. After all, you don’t want any bugs or small pests to make their way into your unit.
  • Only store your clothes in plastic bins: You might feel inclined to leave your clothes in the thin plastic liners that you get at the dry cleaner, but we highly advise against it. Your clothes need to breathe when you put them into storage, and those types of bags are notorious for trapping moisture in them. It will definitely cause damage to your clothes in the springtime, as humidity will trap water molecules in and on your clothes, causing them to “rot” and ruin.
  • Remember that real fur is different than other fabrics: If, by chance, you have real animal fur on your coats, you’ll have to hand them, rather than fold them and keep them in a box. Real fur stores best in 50 degree temperatures, where the air is 50% humid. If you have a fur hood that is detachable, even better. Hang all of your fur products rather than folding them.

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