Keeping Pests Out!

So we’ve discussed Spring Cleaning and getting your storage unit space in tip-top shape following the cold winter months. If everything is stored away correctly, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about? Right? Well, mostly. You see, despite all best efforts you can still run into trouble down the line. To avoid such problems, specifically, the intrusion of pests follow these tips!


Plastic Containers

That’s right, while cardboard is the tried, true, and most common method of moving and storing belongings, when it comes to pest control, it is woefully lacking. Rodents can easily chew through the cardboard barrier and make their way into your belongings, turning them either into a buffett or a home. Plastic will keep your belongings air tight and rodents and insects out.

Don’t Store Food

Sure, this sounds like a big old ‘duh!’ But it bears mentioning. Storing food is just an invitation for vermin and pests to pick your unit as their new wonderland. As a side note, if anything in your unit has previously been used to store food (containers, dishes, etc.) make sure these are thoroughly cleaned so as to eliminate any lingering smell that may attract unwanted guests.

Plastic Protection

When it comes to larger items like furniture, storing in plastic containers is just unfeasible. Don’t let that deter you from making any improvements to their defenses! Getting plastic sheeting and wrapping up your furniture tight, securing with duct tape will prevent any rodents from taking up residence inside your comfy couch.

The Second Line of Defense

After the preliminary barriers are in place (plastic containers or sheeting) you can do a couple of small, easy things to prevent pests.  Lay out traps like flypaper, mouse traps, or even rat poison to handle any pests who still find their way in. As for insects you can soak cotton balls in peppermint oil (many types of insects hate the scent) and place them in the unit.

With your fresh and clean unit now set for defense, you can now enjoy peace of mind.

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