What You Can Store in a Unit

Last time we gave a very brief rundown of the things not to store in your unit. Whether dangerous or downright illegal, everything we mentioned is prohibited from storage units. That topic logically flowed out of our previous blogs this month about cleaning and preparing your unit, and preventing pests. If you missed any of those and you’re looking to get yourself a storage unit I recommend giving it a look! It follows after that list of ‘Don’ts’ that maybe we should give people a ‘Do’ List to answer any questions about what is acceptable. So here is a list, again not expansive, of what is totally ok to store!

  • Furniture
    • Furniture is the classic staple of storage units everywhere. Extra couches or a bed from downsizing, all are welcome. Don’t forget to wrap it up with plastic sheeting to protect from rodents and insects!
  • Clothing
    • Storing clothing is another such staple. Store it in a plastic container (again to prevent pests from disturbing it), and you’ll have no problems.
  • Electronics
    • All sorts of electronics are easily stored. The only concern here is to be aware of any sensitivities to heat or cold and whether your unit is likely to endure those conditions. If so, maybe opt for a climate-controlled unit.
  • Antiques
    • Have an excess of items from your grand parents old home? Storing them in a unit is totally ok and often a better idea that leaving them at home where they can be damaged while you decide what to do it. Again, if they are at all delicate to temperature climate-control may be the answer.
  • Business Items
    • While we discussed not using your storage unit for working out of, you can store business items there. Things like years of financial documents, or legally mandated files and papers that require storing. Excess office furniture can be stored as well.

These are just a few of the totally reasonable items that can be stored in your unit. If you have any questions about what is acceptable, as always speak with your storage facility management and make sure everything is in the clear.

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