Small Businesses Use Self Storage for Profit

Looking for ways you can use your storage unit past the storage of your excess furniture? What if we told you that some small business owners utilize the freedom of self-storage spaces to their advantage? Sounds strange? Well, it is the kind of outside the box thinking that gives them the edge over their competitors. Here are just some of the ways business owners leverage the extra space to increase their profits.

  • Store stock
    • By using self-storage facilities for the stock, you are able to better use your store location space. Often the dollar per foot value of self-storage is drastically lower than commercial space. Storing stock elsewhere and you can lower your rent by using smaller or better located business space.
  • As a Showroom
    • An independent businessman online said he used a storage facility as a showroom for examples of custom bathrooms and other home additions he can build. This gives him an advantage over other contractors in having a ready to show example

Those are really the two large umbrellas that storage use falls under. How they can individually be used for you may vary. Whether you store excess stock, items ready to be sold on eBay or Craigslist, or even as a stopping point on the path from construction to eventual home delivery. Even businesses who don’t have any real physical space or are run out of the home can benefit from the extra space.

Now, this is certainly something you will need to discuss with your self-storage management team. The last thing you would want to happen is to fill your unit full of stock or a showroom of your services only to find out it is not permitted and the following hassle. With a little bit of creative thinking, you can make the cheaper, more cost effective space of self-storage work for you.

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