Summer Storage

When it comes to storage, the busiest time of year is right around the corner for us. Summer, for a variety of reasons, is the busy season when it comes to the self-storage business. Students heading home for the summer months, kids out of school and families leaving town on vacation, whatever the reason storage units tend to fill fast when the heat rises. As such here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind heading into the summer swelter.

Book early! Much like your favorite popular vacation destination (though they lack the poolside drinks, ziplines or deep-sea fishing excursions,) storage units book up in the summer. To avoid getting stuck with all your stuff on the curb, call in early and reserve your space. This has two other benefits as well. You can lock in a lower price from the spring or winter months. The other benefit is by getting your storage unit earlier, you’ll have more time to move everything in and not be in a rush once the heat really kicks in. That’s an article for another time perhaps.

When it comes to summer storing, make sure you are storing items that won’t be damaged by excess heat, or if they are, you find a facility with climate control capabilities. Items such as wood furniture, electronics, and many others can be damaged by serious heat. Keep this in mind when figuring out what needs storing, and what your options are for facilities.

Storage units can be there in a pinch to help alleviate some of the stress inherent with moves or space issues. But with a little bit of prep or foresight you can ensure that you are using it in the most effective manner for you and your belongings.

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