Loading A Moving Truck In The Safest Way Possible

Long before any move is initiated it is important to consider how you will actually load the moving truck on moving day. A little bit of planning in advance will make the move go smoother and ensure that unloading the truck goes off without a hitch. There are some things that should be done before you actually prepare to load a moving truck. For example, make sure you have all the necessary packing material available and on hand well in advance.

Mirrors And Pictures

One of the first things to do is to make certain that you choose the right size moving truck for your move. Most truck rental centers or storage companies will help you determine which size truck will be best for your exact needs. When it comes to delicate items such as mirrors and pictures, it is important to wrap these items in protective pads so that they do not become damaged or broken during transportation. It is also a good idea to carry all valuable documents and related items with you so that they do not become lost, stolen or damaged.

Loading The Truck In Small Sections

When loading the moving truck, most experts recommend loading the heaviest items first. Heavy items near the front of the truck will help to create a more stable drive. All items that you expect to use first during the move should be stored in an area of the truck where they can be easily accessed. Another key tip is loading the truck in small sections so that everything is packed tightly from the floor to the ceiling. Make sure that each section is secured using ropes or tie downs.

Delicate Pieces Of Furniture

Finally, place large items such as beds and appliances along the front wall of the truck for added stability. Always use protective covers on sofas and mattresses and load small delicate pieces of furniture toward the back of the truck. This will reduce the chances of damage. As an added note, when stacking boxes put lighter boxes towards the top of the stack.

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