Summer Moving Tips (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! Last time we began laying out some summer moving tips to make sure your move goes smooth. Without further ado, here are some more of those handy, helpful tips!

Care for the Kids

When it comes to moving day, all hands-on deck helps. But when it comes to sizzling summer days, kids are best suited to be hanging out inside in climate-controlled rooms, staying out of the way and out of the heat. If you’re needing to register your child in school again quickly, it may be best to pack any documentation they may need. Having things like transcripts or vaccination records on hand will save you loads of work and headaches sifting through boxes.

Pet Precautions

Your furry family should be looked after as well on moving day. Making space for them to be separate from the movers and safe from getting lost running away or out of the air conditioning. Getting them to stay at a friend’s place or in a kennel can be the best decision when it comes to keeping them safe and making the move easier.

A/C On / Off

Remember that your doors are going to be open for long lengths of time and so the temperatures inside will be the temp outside. Keep that in mind when you are considering keeping you A/C on the whole time and throwing money outside. But make sure that electricity is on at your new place so you can get that cooling as fast as possible following the hot move.

Stay Hydrated

Obviously. If you’re going to be exerting yourself lifting and moving you’re going to be sweating. Crank up the heat and you’ll be sweating even more. Combat that with proper hydration and you’ll be feeling loads better when everything is said and done.

Hopefully these tips have helped make your summer move more tolerable if not easy as pie! We’ll be back next time on the blog and we’ll look at some less serious summer tips. Maybe the best pools around the world? Yeah that sounds like fun.


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