Get Ready for the New School Year with Self Storage

If you’re a college student or a parent of one, this post will be very beneficial to you. The stress of moving into or out of a dorm, apartment, or house can be overwhelming, but with self storage you can make your life easier. You never really realize how much stuff you have until it’s all packed up, and there’s a good chance you have too much stuff. And the last thing you want to do is cause an argument with your new roommate about the crowded mess in your new abode. Whether you’re wanting to store some smaller items like clothes, or larger items such as furniture, there is a self storage unit near your college campus that will fit your needs.

self storage for college students

Self storage is a great option for students that need extra storage for their items during the school year or even the summer. After the school year, many students go home for the summer break, however they don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving their stuff all the way home if they’re just going to move right back in three months. Renting a self storage unit will save you from unnecessary moving costs, shipping items and most importantly, your valuable time. You could even share a storage unit with a roommate or friend for a more cost effective solution.

Here are some items to consider storing to free up some space.

  • Old textbooks – who knows you might need these down the road, or you can sell them to get some extra cash
  • Seasonal clothes – there’s a good chance that if you live in a hot climate, you’re not going to be needing your warm winter parkas or snow boots for most of the year. Same goes for your a cold climate, leave your bathing suits and short shorts in storage. If you need to go grab your seasonal clothing, you always go pick those items up at your own convenience.
  • Your vehicle – you don’t want to drive your car hundreds or thousands of miles back home if you don’t have to. Store your vehicle for summer/winter break or during your study abroad trip.

To avoid having to pay peak prices for your storage unit during the high season when students are moving out, lock in a unit before the spring and summer months. You might even consider renting a climate controlled storage unit if your campus is located in an area that gets hot and humid during the summer. Though these types of storage units are more expensive, your items will be better protected from the effects of climate.

Check out more tips for self storage units for college students.

College students who are planning on moving out for the summer or taking a semester long study abroad trip are the perfect candidates for self storage. Plus your parents will be so proud of you for being organized and appreciate not having to move your stuff. If you are interested in self storage please contact us with any questions.


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