The Ins and Outs of Motorcycle Storage

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage Blog, where we cover all the news that’s fit to store -we’ve made that joke before haven’t we? Moving on, we cover all sorts of tips from moving and packing to how to store your belongings safely This entry on our blog is no different, it’s something we have covered before but it bears repeating especially in our new longer format. Without further ado, it is motorcycle storage time again.

motorcycle storage

The Ins and Outs of Motorcycle Storage

While the weather here in Albuquerque has motorcycle enthusiasts on the road year-round, there are still times when storing your bike may be a necessity. Whether you’re vacationing, or clearing out your garage of your several project bikes, the extra space afford by a self-storage unit can save you the headache. However, depending on how long you are storing these bikes, you will want to come back to a functioning vehicle! Follow these steps to ensure that you bike is ready to ride whenever you come back to it.

  1. Clean the Bike

When you are getting ready to store your motorcycle, take the time to ensure everything is sitting in tip top shape. Any gunk or debris that is left to sit will only become harder to get clean when you come back for it, or worse cause damage to the paint, metal or other surfaces on your bike.

  1. Tend the Battery

Batteries don’t like to be left sitting it turns out. If you are worried about the battery getting cold you should make sure its fully charged and pull the battery, then keep it somewhere warm (but not too warm of course).  Another option is to leave your battery in the bike but hook up a battery tender which will keep the battery charged and ready. This is especially handy if you might stop in and pick up the bike for a short ride.

  1. Fuel and Oil

If the tank is empty you need to fill that bad boy up, lest the space in the tank invite condensation. As soon as condensation begins to form the chance for more damage (say to your carburetors for instance!) rockets so best to avoid that.

When it comes to oil you gotta swap out the dirty, old oil for fresh stuff. Oil breaks down as it used and the acid levels fluctuate in such a manner as to break down internal pieces on the bike. Dirty oil also has accumulated particulates that when left to sit for months can make the whole thing harder to change out when the time comes to get riding again.

  1. Prop it Up

Letting your bike rest on its tires for long stretches is a sure-fire way to ruin the tires, especially in the cold or if the tires are already low and flat. By putting the bike up on a stand you’ll be saving the tires and he suspension as well so go ahead and get yourself a service stand.

With all this sorted, your bike should be perfectly ready to ride once you are ready for it. Just remember to put those wheels on first! If you need a storage facility for your ride, contact us and we’ll get you into one of your units, where even a small 4×6 will do the trick.


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