6 Creative Uses for Storage Units

Colorful self storage units

Most people’s idea of a storage unit Is rather bland. We have talked about things like insurance before on the blog, but today we’ll cover a more light-hearted and fun topic: what to put in your storage unit. Perhaps you’ve seen Storage Wars and expect a cluttered space with hidden WWll relics, but more likely you’ll just find furniture and old clothes. These are all fine uses, but a storage unit can be so much more. How much more? Well that’s up to you.

Today, we will discuss 6 creative uses for storage units to provide that first flicker of lightning for your epic brainstorming session. These are all well thought out, achievable suggestions, but don’t limit yourself to this list. This is your space, so make it your own. Let’s get started.

1. Office Space

Office space is expensive, and self-storage units are a cheap alternative for dedicated office space. Need space for your small business? If you work alone or have a few employees, most have room for several desks and power outlets for electronics. Dreamed of an open-air office? Throw open the door and drink in the fresh air. Google started in a garage, but imagine if they had utilized a more sophisticated storage unit? Who knows how much big they could have grown.

guitar and drum player with smoke

2.Music Studio

It’s well documented that cramped concrete spaces breed creativity and ignite artistic passion. Grab the guitars, set up the drums, and unleash your inner grunge—without waking the neighbors. No more noise complaints. No more barking dogs. No more mediocrity. A self-storage space is the next step up from the amateurs fiddling around in garages. Well, a small step. Or maybe just a slight shuffling of the feet.

3. Mini-Basketball Court

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of dodging furniture and children while crushing dunks on my mini-basketball hoop. A storage unit, however, is the perfect solution. No distractions, just pure competition. It’s not Madison Square Garden, but it is a square, and that is about as close as any of us will ever get. If you aren’t really into basketball, the space can be easily converted into a finger-football stadium as well (keep band-aids on hand for papercuts).

4. Personal Gym

Exercise equipment can take up a lot of space. While it’s not glamourous, a storage unit is an open, private space to work out. Besides, sunlight is for the weak, fluorescent light is for the strong. Plus, you can furbish it yourself with your favorite equipment. Looking to bulk? You can easily fit in a weight rack. Working on cardio? Store your bulky workout bike that’s taking up space in the garage. Are you a boxer? Hang up a side of beef and train like Rocky. We recommend salting the beef to keep it fresh for as long as possible.

5. Apocalypse Cache

Not everyone can afford a military grade nuclear-resistant bunker in the New Zealand wilderness, but a storage unit is a cheap alternative for storing your supplies. Is your stash of canned goods clogging up the pantry? Running out of space in your gun locker? Are tin-foil hats taking over your closet? Perhaps it’s time to invest in a self-storage unit. You can covertly prepare for the end times while keeping your home clean and tidy. Super-volcano eruption? Zombies? The rise of fidget spinners? No problem. Rest easy knowing you and your family are prepared for world destruction.

*Food and supplies can also be used to barter in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

6. Create your Own Dream Space

Really, calling them ‘storage units’ is too narrow a term. What they should store, really, is your dreams. Approach your storage space with the mind of child; take the grand, wonderous expanse of your imagination and stuff it into that 10×10 concrete space like clothes into a suitcase. Because when you fill a storage unit with all of your dreams and fantasies, you free up space in your brain to think about more practical matters, like tidying up the garage or figuring out what to do with all your old furniture.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, you need to think outside of the box. Once you’ve done that, though, you need to force those thoughts back into the box to fit them in a storage unit. Hopefully, this blog has made you rethink the term ‘self-storage’. If you are interested in discovering yourself through the process of self-storage, contact Albuquerque Self-Storage today. We’ll help you find the best sized unit for your individual needs.






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