Easy Storage Solutions for 5 Common Self Storage Problems

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What problems could you possibly have with self-storage? Our blog has provided tips on self-storage in general, but today we are going to dive into some more specific problems many people face. It seems pretty straight-forward, and for the most part it is. However, once you start packing in more and more items, you start to run into more and more problems. The key is proper preparation and forethought. Otherwise, you may face problems that make storing your items a major headache. Luckily, this blog will be your Aspirin, your Advil, or your lavender essential oil if that is your persuasion. Many people have faced the same problems, and these easy storage solutions are tried and true.


Ugh. Pests. It seems like pests are a problem for just about every home and business. Unfortunately, self-storage is also prone to pests. With so many items in the typical storage container there are plenty of places for pests to live, settle down, raise a family, attain the American Dream. While this sounds like a paradise for the little critters, it is a major headache for you. The following steps, however, are effective at preventing insects and rodents.

  • Thoroughly check the container for any cracks or openings. Pests and rodents can fit through even the tiniest openings, so seal all of them that you find.
  • Check all your boxes and items for pests before you put them in the unit.
  • Use pest control products like sticky sheets and insect sprays.

Not Enough Space

Not enough space? Isn’t more space the reason someone buys a storage container? It sounds like an oxymoron, but this is one of the most common problems that turns easy storage into bothersome storage. If you don’t plan ahead, your unit can rapidly run out of room. To get the most out of the available space, consider doing the following:

  • Take apart any furniture.
  • Fill bookshelves, dressers, or anything hollow with smaller items.
  • Stack boxes as high as you can. Put heavier boxes on bottom and stack lighter items on top, and try to put boxes with similar items near each other.

Item Damage

It can really hurt when one of our precious or valuable items is broken. While the storage facility’s security safeguards your unit, your items can still be damaged without taking proper precautions. The facility is not responsible for damaged items so you need to matters into your own hands. Avoid heartbreak (and breaking the bank to replace valuable items) with these preventive steps.

  • Clearly label boxes with fragile items and put them in the unit last.
  • Try to completely fill boxes so items don’t shift. Another option is to use bubble wrap or packing Styrofoam.
  • Lay down cardboard or moving blankets under/on top off furniture to prevent scratches.

Difficulty Accessing Items

Some storage units look like someone filled it the brim and then threw a stick of dynamite inside. Really, some are a complete disaster, like you just walked into a hoarder’s home. Clutter is one thing but an impenetrable wall of boxes is another. If you are continually putting new items in the unit, it is especially important to plan ahead instead of just putting things anywhere. Chaos is the result of poor planning, but these steps will help you ensure order in your unit.

  • Create an aisle through the middle of your things so you can access the whole unit.
  • Put frequently used items in the front of the unit.
  • Label all boxes so you don’t have to mount an expedition every time you need something.

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The truth is, there are many storage companies that lack the proper security. Like any other industry there are companies that uphold the highest standards, and those who cut corners. You deserve peace of mind. The other sections in this list are important, but they won’t stop thieves. For this reason, it is extremely important to scrutinize the effectiveness of a storage company’s security systems. One step you can take yourself is to buy a high-quality lock for your unit. However, this isn’t enough. Determined thieves can cut circumvent many locks, so here are some security measures your storage company should use.

  • High fences around the whole facility (barbed wire is a big bonus).
  • Controlled gated access.
  • Lights that illuminate the whole facility at night.

When you open your unit, do you want to be greeted by a chaotic jumble or a clean space that keeps your items secure and accessible? You don’t to be told which option is best. You don’t need added stress in your busy life. With these easy storage solutions self-storage can be easy, safe, and orderly, and you can make the most out of your investment.

If you want to take the first steps in buying your own self-storage space, Albuquerque Self-storage is excited to help. Contact us today and our helpful and friendly staff will make sure you get the right storage space for your individual need.



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