Albuquerque Self Storage Tips: Winter Storage for Cars

winter storage for carsWhile temperatures have been dipping for a while now, it is never to late to store your vehicle for the winter. The holidays are almost here and maybe you need the space in the garage, yard, street for visiting family. Maybe you just don’t plan on driving that convertible for a few more months. Whatever the reason you are putting those four wheels into storage, here are the tips you need to successfully plan and use winter storage for cars, straight from our Storage Experts here at Albuquerque Self Storage!

Before doing much more, you will want to find your storage location. Any facility with concrete floors is the way to go. Earth floors will have more moisture and if you are in a particularly cold clime that can spell bad news for your vehicle.

Engine Oil

Now is a perfect time to check the engine oil. Pull the dipstick and check it out. If it is particularly dirty and you are nearing (or far past, be honest) the limit on mileage, change it. If you still have some time on the oil then feel free to store and wait for spring before swapping. Newer, modern oils are designed to be safe and stable in the engine for a year.


All fluids, not just oil, should be checked regularly and before winter storing is a perfect time. Make sure they are all topped up. Fill the anti-freeze, hit the gas station to keep the tank full and prevent evaporation. Add a fuel stabilizer, run the engine for a few minutes and let it flow through the system. This will help keep your car’s guts in tip top shape over the break.


There are few bigger bummers then letting your ride sit for the winter, going to grab it for a spring joyride and finding the tires with flat spots. To avoid this


When it comes to battery there are two schools of thought: Out or In. Taking the battery out of the engine and hooking it up to a batter tender can see its life extending. Leaving it in may see you coming back from the winter to have a dead car.

Wash and Clean

Washing and cleaning your car before the long sit is crucial in getting rid of all contaminants or debris. If any of it is left during the time it is in storage unseen effects could take ahold. Never mind how nice it will feel to pick up a fresh, clean ride when you come back in the spring!

Pest Control

This is a big one and takes place in a lot more than just your car. Rodents would love little more than sneaking their way into your ride and make a cozy home. Chew up wiring and more. To avoid all this, place a blocker of steel wool in the exhaust and plug air inlets. You can also surround the storage unit with moth balls and similar pest deterrents.


Once all of that and said is done, use a quality, fitted cover. Not only will you feel like James Bond (you will, trust us) but you also will make sure that nothing will make a mess of your ride while you are away.

There it is. The biggest tips to get ready for winter storage for cars. Don’t skip over any step! Unless you want to put a car cover over a dirty car? Tuck a vehicle in a rat nest and let the vermin get it? No! You are storing this car so it will be there later for when you need it!

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