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house storageThe winter holidays are here! We are deep into December and you may find your home filled with family, friends, new belongings and more! Here at Albuquerque Self Storage, we consider ourselves bit of experts in the art of proper storage and we never miss a chance to lend out some advice. Sure, we may specialize in storage units but there are plenty of steps you can take in your own home to stay on top of clutter!


One of the largest waiting resources for any home storage solution is looking up. When packing storage units we cram them things full, wall to wall, floor to ceiling to get the most out of every cube inch of the space. Take that mentality to your home! When filling your closets, garage, or attic look for ways to build up. Walls, back of cabinet doors, side of cupboards, all are excellent ways to store your stuff smarter! Place hooks on the inside of cupboard doors to store long utensils. Tack plastic baggies or plastic wrap inside cabinet doors to get them out of drawers.

Get Creative

If you are anything like us, your home is filled with small doo-dads and knick knacks that really don’t have a home. Filling the drawer with batteries, rubber bands, all those twist ties, and why are you saving these coupons from 4 years ago? Exactly. Use a few tin cans and a piece of board to create a handy organizational device.

Use sections of PVC pipe to create a shoe rack!  Instead of having your closet floor flooded with flats, take a length and width of PVC pipe sized just right to your shoes, a glue gun and get assembling! Pair it with Go Vertical and see some really great results.

We mentioned batteries filling up drawers, why not condense them into easy to find and use forms? One blogger we saw compiled all their stray batteries into empty bulk spice containers. Just like that all the power you need, right where you need it. You won’t need to scavenge multiple remotes again!

Have a narrow space between fridge and wall? Wide enough for a pasta jar? Get yourself a narrow bookshelf and put it on wheels. Fill it up with cans and slide it into place. Boom, you have a sliding pantry!

Getting creative is one of the biggest things you can do to make sure you are adequately, efficiently using your space for house storage. The biggest thing?

Be Organized

When it comes to home storage, the biggest thing you can do is be organized from the get go. Starting with a well-organized home will mean it is easy to keep everything stored correctly. House storage is easy when kept in a logical manner. Use containers or boxes to keep like items together, and to allow easy stacking in closets and garages. Opening a hallway door to have everything spill out? Not when each holiday’s decorations are neatly secured in their own box or two.

Use the Garage, Use the Attic

Use the space available to you, but use it well! Garages and attics have a habit of filling to a point of messy disaster. If you have been following these suggestions thus far however you may have better luck! By having like stored with like in containers neatly, you can use the corners of your garage. Going vertical means hanging things along the wall keeping them out of the way. You will be able to use your garage for storage and still park your ride!

When all else fails…

If, after all of those tips and solutions you still find your house overrun with stuff give us a call! Self Storage facilities are here to provide extra house storage when your own just won’t do. If you don’t have a garage, attic, or shed yourself then a self-storage unit can provide the extra space you are lacking. Providing you the room to actually live in your home, not just amongst the towering boxes of last years Christmas decorations.

If you believe a self-storage unit is right for you, or would help your house storage conundrum, contact us  and together we will find the right fit. Whether it’s a small climate controlled unit or a larger, ground floor drive up access garage, we can help.

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