How Much is Storage?

Welcome back to the blog! It’s our second entry of the new year and we decided to keep on going with the same train of thought we began with last time. Last time we discussed reasons why you may want to visit your storage unit regularly throughout the year, a useful topic for those who already have a self storage unit. But what about those who are just now investigating it?

New Years comes with their stack of resolutions – to eat better, to do more exercise, clean up around the house. Everyone is trying to put their best foot forward in the new year. To that end, renting a self storage unit (from a company such as Albuquerque Self Storage) can be a useful tool in getting yourself sorted and on the right track. But there’s a roadblock. ‘How much is storage going to cost me?’

how much is storage

How Much Is Storage?

Let’s answer some common questions we get about starting up with a storage unit, and we know ‘cost’ means a lot more than just price. The cost for the units varies as demand and seasons change so we can’t quote you here, unfortunately. The best we can do is let you know of all the  other circumstances that act as some form of ‘cost.’

Is there a lease or a long-term commitment?

Absolutely not. At Albuquerque Self Storage we offer month-to-month rentals as well as long-term storage solutions, but there is no required timeframe. We get it, some people only need a month of storage while they move between places. There is a benefit to going longer term, however! If you are sure you’ll need the space for 6 months or more and pay in advance you will receive a discounted rate.

Is there a move in or deposit fee to start?

Nope. There’s no reason for us to charge you even more to get you settled. Other guys may do that but it ain’t the Albuquerque way.

What are the sizes of units I can rent?

There are five (5) sized units (availability depending) for customers. 4’ x 6’, 6’ x 11’, 10’ x 11’, 10’ x 22’, and 15’ x 22’.

The smallest is about 24 sq. ft. and useful for storing smaller sets of belongings. Electronics, bicycles, boxes. Nothing too huge. Meanwhile, the largest is over 300 sq. ft. (330 to be precise) and has the room to store a four bedroom home (practically packed of course). Which one you need depends on a few factors so speak with a professional and get the right unit.

Are credit cards accepted?

You betcha! Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are all accepted means of payment.


With those answered, we hope you have a better idea of what a self storage unit will cost you. There are a lot more factors than just dollar amount, as we mentioned, and the price you pay for freeing up your garage space may, in fact, save you loads of money on car repairs etc. down the line. Some serious cost-benefit analysis can be run on just how much a square foot of space is worth in your kitchen as opposed to in one of our units.

All that said, if you’d like to know more and get accurate, up to date prices on all the units available, give us a call and we can talk more about how much is storage going to help you!

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