Using Your New Unit: Self Storage Tips

Welcome back to the final entry for January 2018! Just like that and we already almost 10% through the year! Yikes, let’s not put a number on that. Anyways, for our final entry this month we wanted to give more insight, help, and self storage tips for any new (or prospective) unit owners. If our last entry helped you understand the cost of a unit, then this one will help you get the most value out of it.

self storage tips


Self Storage Tips for the New Unit

Now before you go dumping all of your stuff haphazardly into your new storage unit you will want to take a few steps first. The first thing you want to do while the unit is still empty is sweep the interior. Earlier this month we talked about the importance of regular visits to clean your unit. This is going to be one of those visits.

While you are sweeping be on the look out for anything unusual. If you see any water, look for the ways it may have leaked into the unit or otherwise gotten in. Look for cracks in the floors, foundation, or walls that can let moisture in (or pests!) that will cause problems further down the line.

After you have cleaned up and done a thorough inspection (and reported any findings to the management!) it’s time to prepare your actual belongings. When you are packing things into boxes or plastic containers, do keep an eye out for any damaged containers. If the plastic is cracking or the cardboard is torn now is the time to fix it before you have buried it under a bunch of other stuff and leave it forgotten. Simply set it aside, fix with either tape or by using a new container entirely, and you will be good to go. This way you won’t have to worry about a box tearing open on you the next time you go to move it!

There are particular ways you will want to pack particular belongings. For instance, if you have items that are temperature sensitive and your unit is not climate controlled, you will want to use what tools available to insulate them. Using blankets or other materials to wrap sensitive items such as instruments or electronics, can keep them at their preferred temperature while the other boxes and containers are unaffected.

We keep mentioning regular checkups right? Well to make those easier, make sure you’re laying out your items in an easily navigable way. Place items away from the walls so you can easily walk around them, build in pathways so that when the time comes to get items you don’t have to unpack literally everything just to get to the box of pots and pans at the far back corner.

When moving into your new storage unit, a little bit of forethought goes a long way to making the experience much easier. You will have securely stored valuables, clean, and easy to find when you need them all because you spent just a few minutes at the start getting everything ready for you. With that, we’ll leave ya here. If you’re ready to get storing, give us a call and together we can make this the most organized, best year yet!

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