3 Unique Uses for your Storage Unit

Welcome back to the blog! We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog, from preparing your car for storage to the overall costs of storage. . . sometimes the topics can be a bit dry. Today, we are going to bring some levity to the blog and give you some unique uses for your storage unit.

Storage technology man in suit

Dream Space Storage Unit

Ever wanted a room filled with all of the goals you have wanted to accomplish in your life? Now you can. You can inspire yourself by piecing together the moments you want to never forget right here in your storage unit.

Picture Perfect: Hang pictures of your goals. This is a great way to consistently motivate yourself to try and accomplish the things you want to do.

The Places You’ll Go: Use a map of where you long to travel to! Place small markers on the places you have been all around the world, and ones for where you want to go next! Remember, the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

Party: Unleash the party animal inside you! Want relive your old frat days? No problem. Set up a beer pong table and invite your buddies over for a cold one. Perfect for trying to get a small get together and enjoying the little things that life has to offer.

Organize: Albuquerque Self Storage allows you the chance to be yourself and have fun in your own space. So after a long day at the office, unwind and see what adventures can await you! Get a pen and paper and start jotting down those notes on how to make your space work with you.

Princess: Did you ever dream about being a princess? Now you can. Set up gorgeous colors that pop, fantastical glitter to decorate, and get a dragon (hopefully a friendly one) to guard over you while you wait for your knight in shining armor.

Your story never ends: Maybe all of your dreams have already come true, if that’s the case; use that storage space to make your children and grandchildren’s dreams be answered. Grab a whiteboard and a marker and start planning your new storage unit!

Superhero Storage Unit

Business person by day, superhero by night! Your storage unit is your canvas, and you are the artist.

Batcave: Turn your storage unit into your very own Batcave and become the superhero that you were always meant to be! Complete it with your own high Tech computer software, special gadgets customized personally for you…and cup holders, got to have cup holders.

Superhero Body: Now you might not always want to fight crime and wear spandex, but with a space like this, you can get that superhero body in a Flash. Your storage unit can become your own personal playground of workout equipment so you can fight crime, and look good while you do it!

Gym Equipment: No longer will you have to go to a gym that is crowded with people hogging all of the equipment. You can place it all within your unit! Free weights, bench-press, and even a pullup bar to get you into shape!

Bulk Up: Self-conscious about trying to lift that five pound weight next to the body builder? Not anymore! Instead, your storage unit can be your own workout sanctuary where you can slowly start to make Thor look like a “puny God” in the comfort of your own space.

Motivation: Besides your workout equipment, hang up posters of your favorite heroes to motivate you. Getting a toned stomach like Black Widow has never been easier. Put down those donuts and let your superhero storage unit begin.

What to store in storage unit girl playing superhero

Zen Storage Unit

Namaste here forever with this Zen storage unit! With Albuquerque Self-Storage, you can turn your space into a place of tranquility.

Peace And Quiet: We all need a moment to ourselves, away from our bosses screaming at us, or the kids who ate WAY too much sugar. Your storage unit can become your very own Garden of Eden.

Yoga: Place down your yoga mat and start to feel the stress and negativity flow out of your body. “Inhale magic, exhale purpose”.

Happiness: Surround your space with things that make you feel at ease, that give you happiness. Harness that happiness and channel it into your mind, body, and soul. Pictures of those you love, your hobbies, even things you find most beautiful in this world…even a mirror.

Oil It Up: Use essential oils to soothe your muscles and treat yourself to your very own spa day. (Cucumbers on your eyes are optional). The oils can manifest an aroma to dull your stress and illuminate relaxation.

Contact Albuquerque Self Storage for more information on getting your unit. Remember, whether you are a dreamer trying to cast your imagination, a superhero re-inventing the person you want to be, or a yogi at peace with your wonderful life, you always have a place in this world.


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