Who Needs Secure Car Storage?

Who Needs Secure Car Storage?

Gather ‘round, readers, and I will tell you a tale. A tale of conflict and loss. A tale of triumph and joy. A tale of what it means to be human and in need of secure car storage. Is it a Comedy, or a Tragedy? Perhaps a bit of both. There is great knowledge in stories, and our story begins simply–in the garages of people just like you. They may not yet know it, but our heroes are embarking on a journey that begins in the soul and ends in the storage unit. Close your eyes, and open your heart to their stories . . . our stories . . . your stories . . .

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Military Personnel

Meet Samantha, Sam for short. Sam joined the Army Reserves three years ago. She felt compelled to serve, but didn’t want to leave her civilian life behind. Her father served before her, and she feels proud to have followed in his footsteps. Besides serving her country, Sam’s other passion is restoring her dad’s old 1978 Firebird Pontiac. It still runs, but they want to recapture the fire of its youth–and they appreciate spending the time together.

However, she gets the call. She is getting deployed to Italy for one-year. While this is a long time for her, it’s an even longer time for the Pontiac. Before she leaves, she walks into the garage and runs her hand along the newly finished paint. The smell of oil reminds her of the hours she has spent with her father here. She turns and leaves the car to the silence of the garage. If only she had opted for secure car storage . . . when she returns the tires are deflated and the stagnant oil wore on the engine. The winter moisture damaged the paint, and rats chewed through the drive belts. How will she tell her father? Secure car storage is a sure way to prevent the heart-ache of a damaged car and a broken relationship.

Snow Birds

Bob and Joanna spend their summers in Michigan. After they both retired, they decided to follow the warm weather and bounce between Ann Arbor and Phoenix. There is nothing they love more than to drive out into the country on sunny days. Joanna is enchanted by Michigan’s glittering lakes, and Bob loves the lazy clouds floating over the green hills. However, the story takes a turn when winter creeps in . . . if only I could reach out through the ether and whisper “Beware, despair awaits those who do not buy secure car storage.”

Bob and Joanna have a lovely winter in Phoenix. They walk amongst the stoic Saguaro Cactus’ and meander along desert trails. While sitting on the balcony watching the sunset burn above mountain silhouettes, they are reminded of their long-burning love for each other. If only they knew what loomed beyond the horizon.

The next summer in Michigan. Spark plugs shot. Battery dead. Fluids frozen and pipes cracked. Drive belts snapped. Silent country roads on sunny days. On the wind, Bob hears “Secure car storage . . .”

Seasonal Workers

Jack works as firefighter in the city during the fall and winter, but in the summers he heads west to fight wildfires in the forests of California. Surely, Jack is a great hero–but the greatest heroes fall from the greatest heights. Ever heard of Oedipus? Read a book people!

Jack drives a Chevy pick-up truck, and takes great care of his car while he is at home. When he leaves to dig trenches in the forests, though, he leaves his car. The department provides all of the transportation. However, they don’t provide a stipend for self-storage, and don’t even mention secure car storage in their newsletter! He leaves his pick-up in the car port when he heads into the west.

Jack returns home in the fall with calloused hands and fond memories of digging trenches next to his newfound brothers and sisters. Weary and hungry, he grabs his keys to head over to his favorite hamburger joint. Don’t look away readers, you need to see this. He turns the ignition, and the engine sputters, spits, and dies. When he looks under the hood, his eyes widen and his heart drops . . . you can fill in the rest.

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Secure Car Storage: The End

Whelp, that’s about it. If you didn’t catch the moral of the story, it’s make sure to look into secure car storage if you’ll be gone for a long time. Unattended cars can be damaged by fluctuating temperatures, pests, and not taking the proper precautions before you leave. Don’t make the same mistakes as our ‘heroes’. And pay attention to the drama of everyday life and have reverence for the small aspects of the human condition.

If are interested in protecting your car and your very soul, contact us at Albuquerque Self-Storage today and our helpful staff will help find the perfect unit for your needs!

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