3 Possible Answers to the Question “Where Can I Store My Car?”

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Welcome back! When I was kid, my mom turned all of my chores into little games. I pretended broomsticks were injured people that had to be raced to the hospital in the closet, and that spills on the floor were poisons that I had to clean up so our dog wouldn’t get sick. My mom never knew how much I appreciated all of those games.

So today, I’m going to liven up the blog by playing a game about the question “Where can I store my car?” Usually, I just tell you all of the information about self-storage, like how to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage. Not very exciting. Games: real fun. Don’t believe me? Get some friends together for a game of four-square out in the driveway. For this blog’s game, I’m going to list out three possible answers to the question “Where can I store my car?” However, only two answers will actually be a place where you can store your car, and one answer is going to be somewhere you can’t store your car. Your job is to figure which answer DOES NOT belong! If you want to check your score, there will be an answer key at the bottom.

  1. Where Can I Store My Car . . . In A Barn?!

Barns are those big ol’ buildings on a farm that store livestock, animal feed, farming equipment and . . . cars! In fact, my great-grandma stores her late husband’s classic ford in a barn. There is plenty of space, and there is something romantic about the car collecting hay dust on its hoods and the early morning light enshrouds the car in a golden haze. He bought the car in 1932, got up and left his parents’, and spent the next ten years driving that baby from Detroit to LA to New York, and everywhere in between. Afterwards, he went back to his hometown in Michigan. He reconnected with his family, married my great-grandma, and settled down on the family farm. One day, he said “Where can I store my car?” and then at some point put the car in the barn.

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      2. Where Can I Store My Car . . . Indoor Self-Storage?

I respect you as a reader, so I’m not going to try and talk objectively about self-storage like I don’t have bias. In fact, I have an overwhelming bias. Promoting self-storage is the driving motivation in my life When my partner and I were going through a rough patch, I’d could always get lost in the world of self-storage. I’d sit in my midsize unit where I stored my car during the winter for hours. I’ll admit the arguments were my fault, but it helped knowing my car was safe from the cold, and for a reasonable month-to-month price. You do need to take certain precautions, though. The car needs to be jacked off the ground to protect the wheels, all of the fluids (coolant, brake fluid, oil, etc) need to be replaced, the car needs to be covered, and you can put down mouse traps to protect the car’s wires from rodents.

  1. Where Can I Store My Car . . . uhhh . . . Whatever I Don’t Know

This was supposed to be the section about a place you couldn’t store your car, but I couldn’t think of anything funny to write. There is a difference between randomness and absurdity, and all my ideas were just random. Picking an inanimate object is so juvenile. Anyone can randomly pick ‘muffin’ or ‘sweater’ or . . . whatever, I can’t even pick examples of inanimate objects now that are funny to ironically counteract my original point. Is anyone even reading this out there? I just wanted to make a fun game but I guess I didn’t do a very good job. I wonder how my mom would make a game out of sitting alone in a storage unit.

You know what, at least I tried to answer the question “Where can I store my car” in a fun and engaging way. At the end of the day, you can store your car pretty much anywhere bigger than a car, but options like indoor and outdoor self-storage are more secure and easy to manage. But by all means, try to come up with your own options! It’s very fun and rewarding and challenging. It reminds you of when life was all fun-and-games.

If you’re looking for a safe and easy-to-access self-storage unit for your car, contact us at Albuquerque Self-Storage today!

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