Motorcycle Storage: How To Prepare Your Bike

Motorcycle storage is fairly easy if you prepare your motorcycle properly. It is necessary to be sure you’re keeping your motorcycle clean and running so that it is quick and easy to use it again. Here we want to give you a few tips on how to prepare your motorcycle for storage, and how to be sure you can let your hair flow in the wind the day you take it out!

Clean Your Bike

Be sure you clean your bike thoroughly, not having any gunk or residue left behind. If you don’t clean your motorcycle, coming back to a bike with debris that has sat for weeks, months, or years will only delay your riding. After you’ve washed and thoroughly dried the bike you’ll want to wax your motorcycle before placing it in storage to prevent any parts from rusting. Spray your pipes with WD-40 to prevent any moisture from building up on the metal while it sits in your storage unit.

Charge Your Battery

Each bikes battery is different, and you can do what you wish to keep your battery charged. Newer motorcycles tend to drain battery slightly when the ignition is off for long periods of time to maintain automatic features such as the radio and clock. If you wish to keep a fully charged battery in your motorcycle while storing that is fine. You can also charge it every so often throughout the time it is in storage. However, make sure you do not let the battery die on you.

Tend to Tires

If there is a possibility of you being able to store your bike off the ground without its tires that would be ideal. But fret not, you can also store your bike with tires on a stand. Be sure to fill the tires until the maximum volume recommended. Then set the motorcycle on the center standand remember to rotate your tires every week to avoid flat spots. Not only will you save your tires, but you’ll also save your suspension.

Fuel and Oil

Tend to your fuel and oil by being sure everything is fresh and clean before storing your bike. Always check your coolant levels, your brakes, and your clutch. If anything needs to be refilled or replaced be sure to do so before you leave it sitting for months on end. If you prefer to completely drain the fluids from your motorcycle before storing then certainly do that, but do not leave previously used fluids in the bike. Allowing what was once bright and shiny oil and fuel to sit after having become dirty means possibly eroding engine parts.

We hope these few tips will keep you prepared for putting your motorcycle in storage. Don’t forget, you want to be sure you follow through on everything so that you can quickly and easily let your hair flow in the wind after taking your bike out of storage. If you need somewhere to store your motorcycle contact usand we’ll set you up in one of our climate controlled units!

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