Office Storage: How to Use Your Storage Unit

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! So, you have a business and need space for your office. You either need to create an office to work from or have space to store those extra items from the office. Working from a storage unit sounds like the perfect idea for small business owners or companies getting on their feet, but turning a storage space into an office is often not allowed.

Because of office zoning laws many storage facilities do not fall under the met requirements for businesses to operate. However, there are some locations that do meet the requirements and provide space for businesses.

Inventory Storage

If you have a small office in a zoned area and are seeing items pile up you may want to consider storing some inventory in a storage unit. Many retailers and shop owners store clothing and other items they sell in a storage unit to prevent clutter inside the store. Even if you have a closet for inventory, things pile up quickly and may overtake your office space. Many people utilize these spaces to store their inventory and office supplies to be able to move around and not have an eye-sore for a store or office.

Office Space

Look at Google, they started in a garage, so what’s stopping you? Ahhh, there’s no room in your garage because it holds all your other items, right? Maybe it’s time you put all that cluttered stuff into storage, so you can begin your dream company out of your garage and become Steve Jobs!

It is more often than not illegal to create an office to use in a storage unit, so it is better – and safer – to put your valuables in storage. However, some companies meet the local zoning requirements to operate businesses from their units. If you’re storage facility has the proper requirements met, then sometimes it is nice to operate a small business out of a unit. If you want to run your small business from a storage unit and keep your items in the garage some places that allow this are LifeStorage, and GreenBox.

Utilizations for Business

While you may not be able to run a business from your storage unit, many businesses profit from storage units. Here we have listed a few types of business that could use storage units to their benefit.

  1. Publishers

Many publishers have books, magazines, pamphlets, and many other products in their possession. Storage units are a good way for publishers to store all of the inventory they have before shipping it off to retailers.

2. Contractors and Landscapers

Many contractors and landscapers need to store their tools which can be difficult in small spaces. Many of the items contractors and landscapers need are very irregularly shaped, making it difficult to store. A storage unit is especially beneficial to these businesses as they can hold things such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and saws. Not having room in the truck or home can be difficult to store those items.

3. Artists

Artists can greatly benefit from a climate-controlled storage unit to protect their items and art. Whether these artists are storing their own personal art from a gallery or are artists for a theater this is a great way to ensure that nothing will be damaged from improper packing and storing. Storage units are also great to store any of the inventory that artists may have before sale.

4. Retailers

One of the best ways for retail stores to keep inventory is in a climate-controlled storage unit. Keeping clothes, jewelry, and other items sold in store in a storage unit can help to keep the backroom with other inventory cleaner and easier to maneuver. For business owners with retail stores a self-storage unit allows flexibility in a smaller store.

In the end there is a lot you can do to your storage unit to benefit your office storage and your business. If you are looking for extra space for your office contact us and we will help you find the perfect sized climate-controlled unit!

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