5 Benefits of Outdoor Storage

Are you looking for somewhere to store your car, boat, camper, or truck? Let me guess, your neighbors are annoyed with the big boat blocking not only your driveway, but part of theirs too? It’s time that you look into outdoor storage! We give you tips on what you need to look for and be aware of when looking for the best unit for you.

Outdoor storage is similar to a large parking garage. Many people use outdoor storage for large items that will not fit in a closed unit such as boats, RVs and campers, trucks, and sometimes cars. It is often just cement, asphalt, or gravel with coverings and sometimes surrounded by basic open walls. Depending on the facility and what you are looking for outdoor storage can resemble your New York City parking garage that costs $90/month or can be as simple as an open area to store your RV.

Outdoor self-storage is a benefit for many reasons. Here are listed just a few benefits for you:

1. Affordable rates

Having prices based per square foot allows outdoor storage to be one of the most affordable types of   storage. If you don’t need a large amount of space, you can pay very little. At Albuquerque Self Storage we have lots between 20’ and 35’ for you to choose from.

2. Amenities

While every facility is set up differently, most facilities offer amenities for outdoor storage such as metal roofs or hookups for RVs to protect your items. Having a roof hanging over your vehicle or boat can protect it from sun damage, but don’t forget to protect your items with a cover to even more prevent sun damage and insects ruining your valuables.

3. Business Solution

Short haul trucking companies require parking spots to keep their trucks when they aren’t in use. Landscaping businesses and other companies that require large areas of land to store their business equipment require outdoor storage.

4. Reasonable parking

In metropolitan areas with extremely expensive parking, outdoor storage is the answer. Consider outdoor storage when you want to save a buck on your parking spot.

5. Location

Be sure to consider the location of your outdoor storage facility when looking. Will you need to have access often to your items or can you have it be farther away and not need your stored items as often? Located in Albuquerque New Mexico we have you covered on your outdoor storage.

When searching for the best self-storage option for you be sure to search for storage size, type, and security. Keep in mind every trait that is beneficial to you when choosing a self-storage facility. Also, be sure to inquire about insurance and if it is offered by the facility or if you need to check with your home insurance to see if it covers storage.

When choosing a facility also think of the weather where you will be using an outdoor storage unit. If it is humid or frigid you may want to consider storing items indoor, especially vehicles. Not to freight, we will answer any questions you have about outdoor storage and if it’s right for you. Contact us and we will set you up with the best outdoor storage unit for you!

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