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As the school year approaches you are helping your kids get ready to go back to college, or you yourself are going back to college. You may be sending your kid off to freshman year or pulling items out of storage to move them into a new dorm or apartment. When you’re getting ready to go back to college it’s important to be sure you have everything in your room stored to maximize the most space you can!

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We want to help you maximize your bedroom space while you’re in college. You may have a nice sized dorm room or apartment, but you can never have too much storage in your room… and there are tons of ways to make it unknown. Below are some tips to maximize your storage!

Multipurpose Furniture

Your room comes with a bed, desk, and maybe a dresser or two so you need to utilize the space to the best of your ability. You can use furniture that doubles as hidden storage! Look to a trunk to put at the end of your bed that doubles as seating or an end table, or ottomans that have hollow insides to store items. Even look into small tables (like a coffee table) that opens and has space inside!

Vertical Space

When you go back to college this is a great way to take advantage of all the space in your room. On the back of your closet door, the back of your bedroom door, the back of your bathroom door, there are so many areas you can take advantage of that storage. Storage units like over-the-door shoe racks, towel racks, baskets, and toiletry racks aren’t heavy on the door and allow quick and easy access to your items.

Under-bed Storage

Many dorm room beds can be lifted to allow space for storage bins, drawers, and baskets. If you cannot raise your bed any higher purchasing bed risers will do the job! If you feel that showing boxes and drawers is too messy, you can always buy a bed skirt made for long high beds and dorm beds.

Above the Bed Storage

We know that going back to college sometimes means you may be losing shelving space in your room. You can fix this by buying wall shelves to hang over your bed. Whether you want to choose to put shelves that hang freely or have shelves that go over your bed on the sides and leave room for a small headboard is up to what you need and want the shelf for!

Rolling Cart

Rolling carts are great for many different reasons. You can use them as a night stand, a stand for kitchen items with mugs, plates, etc., or you can use it for toiletries. You can use this for books as well and role it around wherever you need it.

Stacking Bins

Bins that are able to stack on one another save you and your roommates space! If you want to put stacking bins under the sink in your bathroom to separate items and have quick access can make knowing whose toiletries are whose. These bins are great for deodorant, toothpaste, soap, medications, and anything else you may think you need.

Organizers in Drawers

Organize your socks and underwear with drawer dividers to help keep everything decluttered. These organizers are great since they are fabric bins, or you can even use these dividers that just make a small wall in your drawer. Another drawer to organize is your desk. Use kitchen utensil dividers to divide pens, pencils, and other items in your drawer!

Cord Holders

If your cords are constantly tangled and hanging everywhere think of using cord holders. You can use binder clips to thread chargers through the loops at the back of your desk to keep cords out of the way. You can also purchase a cable organizer off of the internet to help you stay organized!

Cork Board or White Board

Going back to college after a summer of vacation can be difficult in the beginning to get back in the swing of things. You can leave yourself reminders and even leave your roommate nice notes! Add items to a cork board like push pins and hooks to hold keys and hang papers.


Baskets are a great way to store your throw pillows and blankets instead of putting them on the floor. Use a cute wire basket or weaved basket to hold your decorative items when you don’t need them.

Command Hooks

These will be your life saver!! When you live in a dorm room or apartment building often times you are not allowed to nail anything into the walls. When this is the case command hooks and Velcro will be your best friends! Coming in all different sizes these hooks can hold rather heavy items making it easy to hang wall art, mirrors, towels, or even just keys. These little hooks are easy to hang everywhere, and you’ll be thankful you have them!

We hope this helped you moving back to college and preparing your bedroom and living spaces! Contact us when you need storage during the summer months of school being out. We will help you pick the best size for you!

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