Room Organization: Tips to Declutter & Destress

Looking at your bedroom and how messy it is can be intimidating, but not to worry, we’re here to help you with your room organization. Your bedroom is often your favorite space in the house where you can relax, unwind, and do what you want to do for yourself… but when it’s messy you often avoid it.

If you have a small bedroom or small closet our bedroom organization tips help you to become an organized person and destress from that mess. You don’t want your favorite getaway spot to become your worst nightmare, so follow the tips below to have a room filled with relaxation. Below we have listed 10 room organization tips for you to try!

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10 Room Organization Tips

1.Separate Items In Drawers

By separating items to prevent a cluttered mess in your drawer you will feel 10x better. Purchase drawer dividers to separate piles of shirts or pants. Use honeycomb dividers for small items such as bras, underwear, and socks. For those smaller drawers in your vanity purchase dividers for your jewelry as well to keep it all separate and neat.

2. Double Up Your Nightstand

Everyone loves having a nightstand next to their bed for a book, a glass of water, a phone, and sometimes a bedside lamp. You can double up your nightstand as a dresser as well. Using a dresser for a nightstand gives you extra storage space either for things you need to quickly grab in the morning, accessories, or maybe even extra bed sheets.

3. Under Bed Storage

If your bed frame is raised high enough to fit a few storage boxes this is great space to be utilized! This shouldn’t be a free-for-all to throw your “junk” stuff however. Space under your bed should be used for easy access to clothes, shoes, or whatever you may need. Storage under your bed is also a great place to store those seasonal clothes and shoes when you don’t need them.

4. Bookshelves

Having practical bookshelves in your bedroom can make all the difference when you need to utilize room storage. You can create a very creative and stylish look to your room from a bookshelf while using the space it’s needed for. Place everything you need on the bookshelf first, then add in some decorative pieces where they are needed.

5. Trash Cans

Make sure to keep a trash can near your nightstand or near your dresser. This helps to prevent receipts, tissues, and any litter from collecting on your bedroom floor. Having a trash can nearby is best for you and your loved ones to keep a nice and tidy room.

6. Hooks

You can use hooks for almost any extra room organization that is needed. If you don’t want to put holes in your wall a great way to use hooks is with command hooks. They are sturdy and help to prevent any damage done to walls. One great way to utilize hooks is hanging hats on the wall or for purses or jackets on the wall to prevent throwing them on the floor.

7. Blanket Basketblanket basket

Purchase a cute wire or wicker basket to hold your extra blankets and throw pillows. This helps to keep your floor nice and tidy when you unmake your bed, and everything is in one basket. Having extra blankets in a basket is great for you or guests to quickly grab one if a guest needs it.

8. Dresser Organization

Most people still fold their clothes and they place one item on top of the other. This will make you rethink how you organize your dresser! Instead of folding clothes roll them and line them up one by one. This not only saves storage space but also gives you the ability to see each and every item you have. Believe us this will change the game of how you will use your clothes from now on!

9. Closet Organization

Depending on the level at which you hang your clothes determines if you’ll have room for shelves above or below your clothes. Hanging your clothes lower than usual will give you extra storage space above for shelves. Hanging your clothes higher will enable you to place a laundry basket, shelves, a dresser, or shoe storage below your clothes.

10. DIY Your Own Storage

By creating your own storage system in your bedroom helps to utilize room organization. Now you not only have great looking storage, but something to be proud of too! Little wooden boxes are a great way to display your items out of the box such as headphones, mugs, sunglasses, and some cute photos.

It is easy to have good room organization once you follow our tips on how to be organized. Decluttering your bedroom will help you to calm down and get more done. With an organized room you will feel as though you have a more organized life. Looking for other areas in your house to declutter? Read our blog on kitchen organization to help clean up more of your home! If you have one too many dressers for your bedroom and need to store items away contact us and we will find the best size storage unit for you!

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