Shoe Storage Tips: How to Properly Care for Your Shoes

Shoes are one of those items that you often don’t think of putting away properly. More often than not your shoes are on the floor, thrown all over the place, piled on top of one another creating a clutter. Whether your shoes are thrown under your bed or in your closet we have shoe storage tips for you!

Keeping track of each pair of shoes in an orderly fashion may seem difficult, but we promise it’s easier than it seems. We give you storage ideas and items to help you keep track of sandals, boots, heels, sneakers, and more!

shoe storage

Tips to Care for Your Shoes

Here are ways to best take care of and store your shoes. You never want those expensive heels you bring out once every year to be ruined, or your favorite flip flops to go missing. Follow these steps and you’ll never have to worry about losing shoes again!

Under Bed Storage

This is a tried and true clutter spot because who looks under your bed? Using a proper shoe storage container meant for under your bedis a great way to store sandals and sneakers. Storing your shoes under your bed can help to create more floor space in your closet and bedroom. This helps to keep your closet and open space nice and appealing!

Hanging and Over the Door

If you have closet doors that allow you to put hooks over them then hanging shoe shelves are great for you! This allows you to keep space cleared in your closet to hang your clothes. However, you can also use these hanging shoe racks next to your clothes if you don’t have doors that allow hooks.

Shoe Drawersshoe storage, drawers

Ikea has just about everything you’ll ever need for your home and now they have shoe drawers. These can usually hold up to 12 pairs of shoes and look sleek in your bedroom. In multiple colors this storage option is a great hidden look, and a great way to keep your shoes clean and clear of dust particles!

Boot Storage

There are so many ways to store your boots! We all know that tall boots tend to flop over and take over unnecessary space on your closet floor. You can choose storage for short or tall boots, but one of the best ways to get them off of the floor is using boot hangers. You can also use boot rack,boot shapers, or even pool noodles to inflate your boots and help them keep shape!

Shoe Shelf

Many people often buy the wire shoe racks, but we don’t recommend these. Often times your shoes fall through the holes in the racks, especially your heels. Having something more like a shoe shelf will ensure that your shoes stay in place! There are tons of options whether you want to build something from Home Depot, or buy something from Targetshoe shelves are a great way to see all the shoes you own and keep them nice and tidy.

Stair Drawers

How great would it be to grab a pair of shoes from under your stairs as you head out the door? Pretty awesome! When you are building or remodeling your house think of storage that can be practical and hidden. Drawers that are a part of your stairs are a great place to store your shoes, especially when you don’t want to drag mud and dirt around the house. Your staircase will have some pretty impressive storage.

Wooden Crate shoe storage crates

Wooden crates are a great way to DIY your shoe storage! You can make this look modern or rustic depending on how you finish the crates. It is easy to buy wooden crates at a cheap price and stack them together to make an area to place all of your shoes. If you want to paint them a specific color or use a finish that gives them the rustic look it is quick and easy way to do so. You can decorate your own crates if you buy them from Home Depot, or even already colorful crates from Michaels.

Labeled Mudroom Shoe Drawers

We all know how messy the mud room can be. Everyone walks in and throws their shoes on the floor and coats on the rack. An easy way to organize your mudroom is by having hooks for jackets and drawers for shoes all labeled. Label each your name, your partners name, your children’s names, and maybe even your other loved ones have spots in the mudroom! By having labels for everyone you prevent shoes being thrown on top of one another and the yelling of, “where are my shoes?!”.

We hope this helps you with better ideas on how to use shoe storage to your advantage. If you are looking for more storage tips for your house read our room organizationand kitchen organizationblogs. Maybe you have just one too many items to store in your house. Contact usand we will help you find a unit that is best fitting for you!

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