Themes for Your Holiday Party

holiday party

Holidays, no matter the season, are often about spending time with family and friends. To enjoy your time with them how else would you celebrate other than a fun party? We want to give you a few different ideas this holiday for a themed party you may be having before the New Year.

Not only do you want to have all of your holiday decorations set out but having a party with a theme is always fun. Whether you want to keep it simple or expand to a more creative party we have options for you to choose from!

Add Some Sparkle

Whether you are having a holiday party or a New Year’s party a little sparkle goes a long way. By adding some sparkle to your holiday party, you give dimension to your decorations. This makes it more dazzling for your guests. Whether you hang sparkly streamers, place large metallic shapes on tables, or get table clothes with sparkle or a metallic sheen – all of this will bring more life to your party.

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderlandis one of the best themes to create, especially if you live in a warm area you can bring the winter to your guests. Paper snowflakes, sparkly icicles hanging, snowmen made of cotton balls – these are all fun to DIY. This is a great way to get the kids involved in preparing for the party. You can also lay fake snow on the floor or tables with pinecones and branches in large vases and on the side tables. Be sure to spray some fake snow on these items as well too!

Movie Theme

Who doesn’t love holiday movies? If you are doing a Christmas theme party consider doing something along the lines of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Santa Clause, The Elf, or Polar Expressare all great movies to have themes. Take the color schemes of these movies and make your party space feel like the real movie. You can create cupcakes that are green and signs for the Grinch or even the dessert spaghetti from The Elf. You won’t go wrong with any movie you choose!

Chocolate Factory

Creating a Chocolate Factory is a great way to draw in guests and make a warm welcome. You can base this off of Willy Wonka for a theme or do your own chocolate idea. As long as you have chocolate all over the party room everyone will understand! You want to decorate with as much candy as possible and scatter throughout your party room. Make sure your guests know that they can eat the decor and take some home at the end of the night. Give your guests a candy gift bag to remember a night in Chocolate Heaven.

Santa’s Workshop

This theme is to make it appear as though everyone is in Santa’s workshopat the North Pole. You can set out your children’s toys to be a part of the theme or ask your guests to bring a toy for donation to your favorite charity and have it displayed during the party. Set out colorful lights and wreaths to feel warm and welcome. If you choose to have guests bring a toy for donation you can also have them be placed in a red Santa bag in the main room of the party for display.

Holiday Colors

Choosing a color theme for your holiday party is a great way to incorporate your beliefs. If you Celebrate Christmas, you can do a red and green theme. Have a Christmas tree and set out a Santa for the theme. If you celebrate Hanukkah, you can decorate in blue and white. Fill ornaments in glass bowls with blue and white ornaments, and lay balloons on the floor. Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? Use black, red, and green colors all over. String lights and garland with those colors.

There are so many themes you can create. Just use your imagination and use the theme that is best for you and your guests! It can be difficult to pick out decorations and place everything so ask a friend or family member to run errands set up with you. Having a few helpers always makes the event even more fun once you can be more relaxed! When you need to store these decorations and any others that take up space in your home contact us.

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