Christmas Decoration Storage: How to Store Properly

Welcome back to the Albuquerque Self Storage blog! The holidays are over and let’s face it, no one enjoys taking down Christmas decorations. The fun and the merriment feels as though it’s gone once all the bright ornaments and wreaths are put away. You spend all this time setting up for the holidays and tearing it down, but there is always something that breaks.

We are sure each year you open your box of ornaments to find a few broken, or maybe find your lights too tangled and hurry to buy a new set. Don’t stress this year about what you’ll need to buy again for the holiday season – we give you tips on how Christmas decoration storage is done properly! Follow our tips on how to store your decorations, save money, and be happy when you pull them out in 10-11 months again!

Christmas Lights

We have all been there after taking all this time for Christmas decoration storage and the next year your lights are twisted together and impossible to take apart. Sometimes you are able to replace one bulb, but oftentimes you need to replace the whole strand of lights. To help prevent this here are a few ways to store your lights. Having neatly wrapped lights makes your storage and take out process that much faster.

Using plastic bags is a good way to help store your Christmas lights if you wrap them well. Make a loose circle with the lights using your forearm by bringing the strand down and back around your elbow. When you have formed a small circle use three to four twist ties to help hold the lights together. Another way of storing lights is using a sturdy cardboard sheet. Cut two slits on either side of the sheet and wrap individual strands around the cardboard. The slits will help to secure the plugs on both sides.

One more way in which to store your Christmas lights is by using a wire spool. Using a wire spool helps to keep the lights perfectly wrapped without catching on to other items. However, only wrap one strand around a spool since they can end up tangled one strand with the other. Look for specific light reels for storage that can help you.


If you have ornaments that are from the store, given as gifts, antique, or homemade you want to be sure they are stored in the best way possible. These items can be one of the more difficult Christmas decorations due to the odd shapes they take. We want to help you keep your ornaments in pristine condition for re-use the following year.

Oftentimes ornaments are stored in cardboard boxes that are flimsy – you want to avoid these entirely. There are multiple boxes you are able to buy designed for round or oddly shaped ornaments.

Some of the most common boxes are commercially designed that are specific to protecting ornaments in storage. These boxes have separators that hold each ornament and prevent any bumping and breaking. It also makes it easy for you to find your box of ornaments. Another Christmas decoration storage idea for your ornaments is to use clear plastic boxes making it easy to see each ornament in the box.

Using these boxes makes it easy for you to find exactly what you want. When wrapping your ornaments you want to wrap each one individually before storing. Use items like bubble wrap, tissue paper, or foam to protect your delicate decorations.


If you use an artificial Christmas tree each year, then storing this properly is extremely important. You don’t want to have to get a new tree because yours has bent and broken branches. Artificial trees are a great investment, so you’ll want to properly store this to keep the quality of your tree over the years.

These are just a few tips to helping put away your tree that we give you. Use a Christmas tree bag for storage. More often than not they have sturdy handles that allow for easy carrying. While you can use the original packaging it came in over time it becomes torn and mildewed, especially if this is a cardboard box.

When putting away your tree be sure to wear lightweight gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges and pines on the tree. You will want to fold the tree with the branches pointed up to help keep them intact. When holding the tree down use bungee cords that won’t put too much pressure on the tree but will help keep it together. 

Time to Store

Throughout this process you want to make sure you properly label everything to make it easy on yourself the following year. Use markers, tape, or any item that makes it easy for you to quickly read the labels and know what you are reaching for. Don’t have room in your house for Christmas decoration storage? Don’t worry! Contact us and we can work with you to find the best storage unit possible at Albuquerque Self Storage.

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