How to Organize for Your Dream Closet

walk-in closetWho doesn’t want a glamourous, customized, walk-in closet? Maybe you don’t have room for a large walk-in closet, but we give you tips on building your dream closet whether it’s large or small. The smallest changes make the largest difference in storage and how you are able to keep everything in one space.

Walk-In Closet

So, you have the ability to finally build your dream closet – you can have rows and rows of clothes, shoes, bags, and anything else you’d like! Here are a few ways in which you can make your dream closet come true.

Color Scheme

Before you decide your shelves and cabinets you need to decide what color you want your closet to be. Do you want it to be bright with hints of vibrant colors of neutrals? Or do you want your closet dream closet, colorsto be dark and mysterious? Many people do light and neutral shades, but you need to do what feels best for your personality! If you don’t want to do a fully turquoise closet or bubble gum pink closet remember there are ways to put small pops of color. You can put color on the wall behind the shelves to give a little brightness that is subtle and add accents.


You want to install a closet door that has you excited to get dressed each and every day. Depending on your style you can do French doors, a sliding barn door, glass doors, or if you want to feel like James Bond go with a door that opens at the press of a button! No matter which style you choose make sure it has you giddy.


Flooring can be difficult to choose for your closet. Most commonly closets have carpet flooring, but if this is not your taste you can do hardwood or tile. The carpet and hardwood make your closet feel homier and more comfortable, where a shiny tile floor can make your closet feel as glamorous as walking into Saks Fifth Ave.


A staple of a walk-in closet in a center island. This allows more storage by placing drawers or shelves in the island. It is also a great spot to lay out an outfit for you to get a good look at or even set a few small bags that you use every day to grab and go. If you are looking to plan an outfit with jewelry and a bag an island is a great spot to do just that!


The number of shelves you install will depend on your inventory. If you have more shoes than you do clothes you will want plenty of shelves from floor to ceiling to have room for all of your shoes. However, if you have more clothes than shoes then you’ll want more racks to hang all of your items. Be sure your shelves are all different sizes for shoes, boots, purses, or hanging different lengths of clothing.


Why build a beautiful walk-in closet and not have a single full-length body mirror? Think of how many mirrors there are in a clothing store – the more mirrors the better! Having more mirrors will also allow the room to feel larger. You can have one forward, one in the back, and even some on the side to allow you to see your entire outfit.

Smaller Closet

While you may have a smaller closet that you are unable to walk into and have sliding doors for instead you can still make the most of your space! With expandable organizers and wire kits for closets you can do almost anything. Utilizing all the space you have will amaze you just how much you can really fit into your closet.

Add hanging space with extender rods. Whether you have one or two rods in your closet you can make this into 4 by adding an extender rod to hang more clothes. This is especially helpful for things dream closetsuch as tank tops and t-shirts so that the sleeves are not touching the ground. On your shelves add small and decorative shelf dividers to stop sweaters from toppling over into another pile of clothes.

Feel as though you’re out of shelf space? Think again with under shelf baskets. Often used in the kitchen for mugs and glasses these are great to hold more clothes underneath your shelves for a little more space. These little wire shelves from the Container Store are a great addition to any closet.

Shoe racks can become your best friend in a smaller closet. You may not have room for a full wall of shelves for your shoes or room behind the door to hang shoes but stacking them on your floor can be a life saver. Purchase a few shoe racks to stack them one on top of the other and get as much space out of your floor as possible!


Are you ready to turn your closet into your dream closet? No matter the size of your closet, small or a large walk-in, you can make it whatever you want it to be! Don’t hesitate to even explore Pinterest for more organization tips. If you have clothes you want to put away in storage throughout the seasons,contact us and we will find the best fitting storage unit for you!

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