How to Make Room When Having A Baby

make room for a baby

Having a baby is an exciting time for you and your loved ones! Waiting is filled with excitement, wonder, and definitely planning more than you ever thought. Maybe you have a smaller home or apartment than you originally planned when having a baby, but that’s okay! We are here to tell you just how to make small home living and babies come together.

Many items you assume you need, like diaper genies and wipe warmers, may just cause clutter in a smaller home. What is most important is that you give your baby all the love you have in your body! The transition from pregnancy to taking care of your baby in your home or apartment will be better than you anticipate.

When preparing for your baby you want to be sure that you are ready for the baby in your house, so we tell you what to keep or put into storage. Whether you have a one-bedroom apartment or more than that there are ways to keep your home decluttered for when you are having a baby.

As you are searching for sharp edges and places that the baby may get stuck as he/she learns to crawl. You can cover many of these items with corner covers for your baby’s safety, but sometimes covering corners isn’t enough for your worried mind. If you are fearful that the corner covers won’t stay or provide enough protection don’t be afraid of storing items like coffee tables.

having a baby

When purchasing toys and items to help your baby’s development, remember they are small humans, so you don’t need to buy a toy that is sized for a 10-year-old. Some toys are unnecessary and make small living difficult. If your family travels a lot you can use a travel bassinet as your everyday bassinet to not over purchase and over clutter your home. Think about using items in your house as multi-taskers. For instance instead of purchasing a changing table, use a dresser with a changing mat on top. You can use the drawers to store diapers, wipes, powder, and even clothes.

If you only have a closet for yourself or one you share with a partner all you need to do is add an extra rod. Baby clothes are small so when you are having a baby you don’t need to worry about the amount of space they take up in the closet. Maybe you think your baby needs their entirely own walk in closet – they don’t. Chances are that these clothes won’t take up much space and you may fold most of them in the dresser anyway.

We understand how important it may be for you to keep your baby’s clothes and shoes, especially if you plan on having another baby in the future. However, don’t keep these items in your home if they are taking up unnecessary space. If you are keeping these clothes and toys that your baby has outgrown consider storing them in a storage unit (maybe store them with your coffee table).

Having a baby is a ton of fun and making room for a baby in a small home is much easier than you think! With hidden storage ideas and keep your home decluttered and baby safe. If you are looking for a self-storage unit in New Mexico, contact us and we will work with you to find the perfect size unit for your needs!

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