How to Ask Friends to Help You Move

friends help you move

Asking friends to help you move can always be a bit stressful and tricky. You never want to overstep on anyone’s time, but you know it is always easier to pack and get ready with a few extra hands. Building up a network of friends willing and able to help you move is always a great trick.

Think about the friends you want to ask to help you move. Do they have kids? Do they work every day? Do they run around between their kids schooling and extra-curricular activities? If these are the main friends you are thinking of asking to think again. Be considerate of their time. While these friends may be willing to help you finding the time for them can be difficult. If they run around all day with the kids and working they may be very tired and not have the down time available to help you.

Now consider friends that aren’t running around with kids but consider that they also probably work all day. Weekends may be the best time to ask friends help you move. Whether they work or not this tends to be the best time for everyone and allows you to ask your friends to help you move more than an hour or two.

When asking friends to be sure that they know you will reciprocate something in return or give them a reward at the end for helping you. When your friends agree to help you move make sure you always supply water and snacks or pizza at the end of the day for everyone. When you say you will reciprocate the favor offer to help them with bringing the kids to activities, setting up a holiday party, or even help spring cleaning. To reward your friends, depending on where you are moving, have everyone over to your new home and have a wine tasting and fun dinner.

When you ask for friends help you move many want to but are unable to. Don’t be upset if friends are unable to help you move as everyone has a lot going on in their adult lives. Some friends will gladly help you move, and some won’t and that is okay! Just be sure you don’t take anything personally. You also want to be sure that you give your friends a notice well in advance. You are going to be stressed moving, try not to stress out the people who want to help you. Try to give at least a week’s notice (two weeks are even better), so that they can figure out their schedules.

So, you friends help you move and now everything is packed up and ready. Be sure to show your friends gratitude with pizza and drinks. Also, be sure you know when to use the pros and not just your friends. While your friends can help you fold, box, and label everything the heavy items like bed frames, dressers, and other items are sometimes done best with the pros. You also want to remember that you and your friends may damage some of the heavy items in the move; whereas, the pros know how to properly place everything in the moving truck.

Remember that it is okay to ask for help when you need it! Don’t feel odd asking friends help you move. They will either say yes or no and you can work from there on what to assign everyone and how to have everyone help. If during your move you need anywhere to store your items contact us and we will do our best to help you find the perfect size unit in Albuquerque.

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